What size plane is a CRJ900?

What size plane is a CRJ900?

The CRJ900 is a stretched 76–90 seat version of the CRJ700.

How many seats does a CRJ900 have?

Bombardier CRJ900/Number of seats

What kind of plane is a Bombardier CRJ900?

The CRJ900 aircraft was designed to fly in the most extreme cold temperatures that can handle even the worst conditions in Alaska. Bombardier’s line of business jets is the most comprehensive including the private, luxury aircraft Learjet. CRJ900 High speed cruise: 475 Knots, 547 mph, 881 km/h or 0.83 Mach.

How much fuel does a CRJ900 use?

Bombardier CRJ-900

Twin Turbofan engine General Electric Pressurized cabin class 14 255 lbs Thrust CF34-8C5 4 Crew 90 Passengers
Fuel Capacity Average fuel Consumption Maximum range 19450lbs / 11670 litres 1500 litres per hour 1350nm / 2956km
Minimum take off run Minimum landing run 1778 meters 1596 meters

Does the CRJ-900 have autothrottle?

There is none. ERJ135/145 has FLCH and speed hold for climb and descent. Both only have those is to protect from over speeds. Both have VNAV but the CRJ actually has a VNAV FMA.

Does the CRJ-900 have VNAV?

The CRJ-550 and CRJ-1000 come with a coupled VNAV option. It’s available as a customer option for the CRJ-700 and -900 as well.

What are the specifications for the Bombardier CRJ900?

Please note that the below specifications are for the regular CRJ900 and not the CRJ900 NextGen. The CRJ900 NextGen Specifications are slightly different and the specifications for it are posted on our CRJ900 NextGen Specifications page.

When was the first flight of the CRJ 900?

The maiden flight of the CRJ 900 was achieved five months ahead of schedule on 21 February 2001. A Scandinavian Airline System (SAS) CRJ900 on approach. To round off the series, a 100 seat model was launched on 19 February 2007.

When did the Bombardier CRJ705 come out?

To this end, Bombardier offered the CRJ705 which was essentially a CRJ700 based on the CRJ900 airframe. It offered a mixed business class economy class cabin with 10 business/executive class seats and 65 economy seats. This variant was launched in 2005 by Air Canada Jazz with every seat having audio/video on demand.

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