How is SWA cable terminated?

How is SWA cable terminated?

A proper armoured gland kit is the only acceptable way of terminating SWA when an electrical connection to the armour wires is required (i.e. most cases) Using BS 951 type earthing clamps (as used for bonding to water & gas pipes) to connect to the armour is not acceptable.

How do you terminate steel wired armored cable?

Mark where you want to terminate the swa with tape. Use a hacksaw & score the armour, using the tape as a guide. Use a knife & strip the outer sheath. Bend the armour back & forth (tip: small groups & bend at 90deg to the score) until the strands snap off.

What are the wires in 3 core Armoured cable?

3 core armoured cable is generally used to supply mains power to domestic and outdoor buildings such as sheds, consisting of a set of insulated twisted copper wires coloured brown, blue/green and yellow which are protected by a black metal sheath.

How do I prepare for a cable termination?

Start by making a straight cut in the termination end of the cable. Next, place connector ferrule over the end of the cable. Adjust the two- or three-step coax stripping tool to meet the desired cable diameter and stripping requirements. Insert cable into the striper, rotating the stripper 3 to 5 full turns.

Why do we need cable termination?

The cable terminations are often designed to enable the physical and electrical interconnecting of two cable ends, or a cable end and a terminal on the equipment. The electrical connection requirements relate to the voltage drop, current carrying capacity, compatibility of the materials, etc.

Does Armoured cable need to be earthed?

Regardless of whether the armouring of a steel wire armoured cable (swa) is employed as a protective conductor or not, it should always be effectively earthed to ensure the requirements of ADS are met.

Can you put a 3 pin plug on Armoured cable?

Armoured cable can be connected to 3 pin plug of commando type but not to a 13A plug without some junction box. Most caravans will be supplied from a RCD with a 2.5 or 4 mm sq flexible cable laid across the grass. It would be unusually to bury cable coming from or feeding to a temporary structure like a caravan.

What are terminations for 11kV 3 core XLPE?

HV cable terminations are suitable for the connection and terminating of 11kV 3 core BS6883 shipwiring and offshore cables with EPR insulation – this includes cables with galvanised steel, tinned annealed copper or tinned bronze wire braid.

Which is the best type of cable termination?

Nexans cable terminations are suitable for connecting and terminating 11kV 3 core polymeric cables with stranded copper or aluminium conductors, 35-400sqmm.

What are the standards for 11kV cable terminations?

11kV terminations are tested to international standards including CENELEC HD629.1 and IEC60502-4. The following selection tables enable the correct specification of 11kV 3 core cable terminations for indoor or outdoor (pole-mounted) locations:

Which is Nexans heat shrink cable do you use?

Nexans SRDI range of heat shrink cable terminations are suitable for following 11kV medium/high voltage power cable voltages: 11kV Cables with copper tape screen require Nexans SE solderless screen earth kits Indoor Air Termination Cable Boxes, Switchgear, Transformers, Motors, Junction Box Enclosures & Substations

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