How do you breed Xenos in mutants genetic gladiators?

How do you breed Xenos in mutants genetic gladiators?

Xenos is a Rare Galactic-Zoomorph mutant and can be bred by any parents with Galactic & Zoomorph genes including Astro Surfer + Kaiju Kitty combo.

How do I get Cyberslug?

Combinations. The specific parent combinations for the Cyberslug are: Colossus + C’thlig. Commodore Le Shark + The Darkseer.

How do you breed a leech Lord?

Leech Lord is a dual-gene Necro-Necro mutant. The easiest way to breed him is with two Zombies.

How do you get dark seer in mutants genetic gladiators?

Combinations. The specific parent combinations for The Darkseer are: Bushi + Captain Wrenchfury. Deus Machina + Grim Reapress.

Is there a genetic Gladiator breeding guide for mutants?

This Mutants: Genetic Gladiators breeding guide contains a list of of all the cross breeds when you succeed. To obtain the “rare” breeds with higher chance, you should substitute the double gene mutants in place of single gene.

Where do you get Bushi from mutant genetic Gladiators?

A unique version of Bushi can also be obtained from the Japan Reactor . Bushi looks like a skeleton wearing a straw hat and donning traditional samurai armor. He is also wielding a worn and rusted Katana sword with a bone for a handle.

Is there a Facebook game called genetic Gladiators?

Welcome to the Mutants: Genetic Gladiators guide(MGG)! MGG is a breeding and combat hybrid Facebook game. The game play is very similar to Dragon City. In this game, you breed different types of mutants and use them to fight in arenas or against other players. The goal is to become the best PvP or breeder in the game.

How to get a guaranteed mutant breed result?

There is no tips or tricks for you to get a guaranteed breed result. If you do not get a mutant with your first attempt, simply keep on trying until you get the mutant breed you want. 2. The order of the parents in the breeding center makes no difference on the outcome. 3.

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