Why was Hurricane Sandy so devastating?

Why was Hurricane Sandy so devastating?

But thirdly, what made Sandy so damaging was the timing of its landfall – the eye of the hurricane smashed into the Jersey coast at local high tide. The storm surge – an additional 9 feet or more of water piled up against the coast by furious winds and crashing ocean waves – was riding on top of this extra high tide.

What happened during Hurricane Sandy?

In the nine days that Sandy raged, it killed 70 people in the Caribbean and almost 150 people in the U.S. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates Sandy caused at least $70 billion in damages, making it among the costliest storms in U.S. history.

How many people died in Sandy in NY?

Impact of Hurricane Sandy The storm resulted in the deaths of 44 City residents and inflicted an estimated $19 billion in damages and lost economic activity across the New York City. Most significantly, over 69,000 residential units were damaged, and thousands of New Yorkers were temporarily displaced.

How did Hurricane Sandy affect New York City?

Hurricane Sandy ravaged coastal communities in New York City, causing an estimated $19bn of damage. Since then, the city and state governments, with support from Fema, have implemented various managed retreat programs, which involve the coordinated movement of people and infrastructure away from low-lying areas as a way to adapt to the rising seas.

When did Hurricane Sandy pass over Puerto Rico?

By October 26, it had passed over Puerto Rico and Cuba, damaging the historic city of Santiago de Cuba. Over the next few days, Hurricane Sandy continued north. It weakened to a tropical depression once reaching the Bahamas on October 27, but then it quickly restrengthened into a Category 1 hurricane.

Why was Hurricane Sandy called a super storm?

As the tropical storm system mixed with cooler air, it lost its hurricane structure but retained its intense winds. It was ultimately dubbed a superstorm, an unofficial designation given to large storms that don’t easily fit into a single classification. As the superstorm hit the coasts of New Jersey and New York, it packed a wallop.

How many New Jersey residents were unable to return home after Hurricane Sandy?

Five years after Sandy, more than a thousand New Jersey residents reported still being unable to return home. A report published by the city of New York outlines where the region was vulnerable to a storm the size of Sandy.

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