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Are BLANCO sinks good quality?

Are BLANCO sinks good quality?

Blanco is the superior choice for designers, builders, and homeowners when it comes to affordable, high-quality sinks. Few companies can offer the same quality materials and designs within the same price range as Blanco, and that’s why they’ve dominated the industry for decades.

Where do BLANCO sinks come from?

BLANCO provides sinks and taps for the kitchen – in perfect balance of design and function – and is present in more than 100 countries worldwide. Both companies go back to the Blanc & Co. company founded by Heinrich Blanc in 1925 and have their headquarters and major production sites in southern Germany.

What kind of sink is BLANCO?

Silgranit sink
A Silgranit sink is a type of sink made by Blanco. Many kitchen designers feel it is the most durable sink on the market.

Are BLANCO sinks durable?

Our SILGRANIT sinks are very durable and scuff marks caused by pots, pans and knives can be easily removed.

Are Blanco sinks Made in USA?

SILGRANIT sinks are tested, certified and listed as a composite stone material and are proudly made in North America at our manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Can I use bleach on Blanco sink?

Apply a special Blanco sink cleaner to general stains. You can remove food and drink stains easily with household and commercial cleaners designed for stainless steel sinks. Just Manufacturing recommends Soft Scrub with bleach, Gordon’s Miracle Shine and Bar Keepers Friend, among others.

Can I use bleach on my Blanco sink?

REMOVING STAINS & MINOR SCUFF MARKS: For stubborn stains, use a solution of 50% bleach and 50% water. This should only be used for tough, stubborn stains. Let the solution sit in the bottom of the sink for one hour, then scrub. Rinse well.

Why is my black granite sink turning white?

Black or dark-colored granite can develop a white haze over the surface from hard water mineral deposits. A thorough cleaning with mild detergent followed by a light coat of olive or mineral oil can remove white haze, restore shine and protect your granite sink without damaging the stone.

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