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Is a Wade saddle good for trail riding?

Is a Wade saddle good for trail riding?

. Wade Saddle are working/roping Saddles, but make good trail Saddles too. The Brand New 700.00 to 800.00 Ebay Wades are Junk, even some of the 1,000.00 ones are questionable. A good Wade Saddle will cost between 1,800.00 and 4,000.00, depending on Tooling, Quality of Leather, Etc.

How much does a Circle Y saddle weigh?

26.00 Pounds
1157 Walnut Grove Flex2

Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 26.00 Pounds
Cantle Height 5.00 inches
Brand Circle Y
Horn 3″ Neck x 3 1/2″ Cap

What’s the difference between a higher and lower cantle saddle?

Higher cantle: more protection. Lower cantle: more comfortable. Rigging is usually in-skirt because of the stress put on the saddle. Often equipped with many leather ties to attach your gear. Flatter seat to allow movement and adjustment of rider. Seats are often padded suede.

Where does circle y saddles and tack come from?

Circle Y started hand crafting saddles in 1960 in the small Texas town of Yoakum. Still located there, Circle Y continues to produce high quality saddles and tack with the heritage and tradition the company was founded on. Circle Y saddles and tack are sold through a network of authorized dealers.

Which is the lowest priced saddle shop in the world?

Dakota Saddlery is our lowest priced manufacturer here at the saddle shop and because their prices are so low, some customers jump to the conclusion that Dakota saddles are low quality. Not so! Dakota saddles are just as well-made as our Circle Y and Tuckers, using premium materials and great craftsmanship.

What kind of saddles are used on ranches?

Available in many varieties. Often built with a lightweight tree. Not designed for heavy ranch work. Designed with higher and lower cantle, lower cantle being more popular. Higher cantle: more protection.

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