Where can I find Andy Scott sculptures?

Where can I find Andy Scott sculptures?

The Andy Scott Sculpture Trail is an unprecedented concentration of works by an international sculptor Andy Scott, alumni of Glasgow School of Art. This distinctive public art is located throughout Clackmannanshire and is easily accessible from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee in less than sixty minutes by car.

Where is Andy Scott sculptor from?

Scotland, United Kingdom
Andy Scott/Place of birth

Where was Andy Scott born Scotland?

Glasgow-born Andy Scott says his interest in statues and sculptures started at a young age.

What is Andy Scott famous for?

Andy Scott (born 1964) is a Scottish figurative sculptor, working in galvanised steel….Andy Scott (sculptor)

Andy Scott
Known for Sculpture
Notable work Beacon of Hope The Kelpies
Website www.andyscottsculptor.com

Where is the Dunbar bear?

The DunBear is a five-metre-high steel sculpture of a brown bear standing on its hind legs. Part of the Hallhill development, it is located adjacent to the A1 at DunBear Park, Dunbar in East Lothian, Scotland.

Who made kelpies?

Andy Scott
The Kelpies/Artists

Sculptor Andy Scott is well known for the iconic Kelpies in Scotland, which are sited at the Forth & Clyde Canal in Falkirk.

Why did Andy Scott make the Kelpies?

His giant horses’ heads form a new gateway into the canal system of central Scotland from the Forth estuary via the River Carron. Scott hopes that people can sail in from Europe or elsewhere in Britain and the first thing they will see are his colossal Kelpies. It went from a work horse to a show horse, as he puts it.

How old is Andy Scott?

72 years (June 30, 1949)
Andy Scott/Age

Is Andy Scott Scottish?

Andy Scott is a home grown figurative sculptor. He was born and raised in Glasgow and is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art. Beyond Scotland, his work can be found in locations around the globe, including Ireland, England, and Australia.

Why is there a bear statue in Dunbar?

A magnificent five-metre-high steel sculpture of a brown bear, created as a tribute to pioneering Dunbar-born naturalist and conservationist, John Muir (1838-1914). Muir is known as ‘Father of the National Parks’ due to his key role in the establishment National Parks in the USA, including and Sequoia National Parks.

Are kelpies Fae?

Kelpies as Shapeshifters They’re sometimes considered to be fairies, while others consider them to be nature spirits. Katharine Briggs equated the kelpie to other nature fairies such as Peg Powler in the Tees, the glaistigs of Scotland, the Brown Men o’ the Muirs, and the mighty cailleach of the mountains (1957: 272).

Where to see Andy Scott’s sculptures in Scotland?

In common with The Kelpies they all capture the history and mythology of the area they represent. One of the best ways to view six of his sculptures and some lovely Scottish scenery is by following the The Andy Scott Sculpture Trail through Clackmannanshire.

Where did Andy Scott get his interest from?

Glasgow-born Andy Scott says his interest in statues and sculptures started at a young age.

When did Andy Scott graduate from Glasgow School of Art?

He went on to graduate from Glasgow School of Art in 1986 with a BA (Hon) in Fine Art Sculpture and Post Graduate Diploma. He has developed a distinct style which combines traditional sculpting techniques with newer methods of fabrication to build up a sculpture. “I’m very much a son of Glasgow, and I’m very proud of that.

How is Andy Scott inspired by Chuck Close?

Andy was inspired by Chuck Close, an American artist who creates realist portraits by painting thousands of dots. These individual components combine and result in a larger image, much like Andy’s steel work which involves welding small pieces of steel together to create large sculptures.

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