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Which is the official website of the RSSB?

Which is the official website of the RSSB?

RSSB is an organization in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2018. Note: This website,, as well as,, and RSSB – Official, Beas : Satsang are the only official websites for Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB).

Who is the Future Science Group ( FSG )?

Future Science Group (FSG) is a progressive scientific publisher, curating trusted online, print and in-person resources to serve the scientific and medical communities.

Who is the current spiritual head of RSSB?

Baba Gurinder Singh was born in 1954. His family is from a traditional agricultural community of Punjab, India. He was named by his predecessor as spiritual head of RSSB in 1990. Based in Spain before accepting this position, he is now retired and lives off his own income.

What do we do at home Future Science Group?

As a publisher of a leading collection of journals, digital hubs, publishing services and events, we unite these communities to enable conversation and the advancement of growing areas of science and medicine

Are there any English translations of RSSB videos?

RSSB – Spiritual Discourses (Punjabi) Video – All 35 of Hazur Maharaj Ji’s Punjabi language satsangs are now available with English Closed Captions. The original four satsangs (01-04) did not have English translations but translation has now been added to them.

Are there any new guidelines for RSSB in India?

After a short suspension of foreign donations to Charitable Institutions in India, RSSB has received new guidelines from the State Bank of India which allow for foreign donations to resume. Detailed information has been sent to all country heads. Copies will be made available to local secretaries.

Who is the current teacher of RSSB in India?

Central to the RSSB teachings is a spiritual teacher who explains the purpose of life and guides and instructs members in a method of spirituality based on a daily meditation practice. The present teacher is Baba Gurinder Singh, who lives with his family at the main centre in northern India. Baba Gurinder Singh was born in 1954.

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