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What kind of school is School of rock?

What kind of school is School of rock?

School of Rock is a music school for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations. With students ranging from toddlers to adults, School of Rock is where music students grow into real musicians. Little WingAges 3-5. RookiesAges 6-7.

Is there an online school of rock Mamaroneck?

At School of Rock Mamaroneck, our students can take online, one-on-one music instruction from the comfort of their homes. We call this program School of Rock Remote. This online music program contains weekly one-on-one instruction conducted by our expert School of Rock instructors in a safe virtual lesson room.

Is the School of rock main line open to adults?

The School of Rock Main Line Adult Program is open to all experience levels and each student will follow a customized learning plan developed by their instructor. Adult students will work together during rehearsal to prepare for a live performance at a real rock venue in Berwyn.

How does the School of rock method work?

The patented School of Rock Method uses programs that are designed to encourage learning in a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are comfortable and engaged. We take the music school concept to the next level for kids, teens, and adults.

When did the movie School of rock come out?

School of Rock was released on October 3, 2003, by Paramount Pictures, grossing $131 million worldwide on a $35 million budget. The film received positive reviews from critics, with praise for Black’s performance.

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