Where is the bridge on USS Enterprise?

Where is the bridge on USS Enterprise?

Deck 1
On Starfleet vessels, the bridge was usually located on Deck 1, on top of the vessel’s primary hull. The bridge was the nerve center of every starship, and it was manned by the top officers of each department except for engineering and medical.

How big is the Enterprise D bridge?

35 feet long
The bridge, when fully assembled, is quite large: 35 feet long, 22 feet wide, and 11 feet tall. But upon further inspection, Huddleston realized that there were some pieces missing.

What happened to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 A?

According to William Shatner’s novel The Ashes of Eden, the Enterprise-A was sold by Starfleet to the defense forces of the planet Chal (β), who appointed the now-retired James Kirk as its commander. The vessel was later destroyed in the corona of Chal’s sun during a battle with Klingon battle cruisers.

Where was the Battle Bridge on the Enterprise?

The Excelsior -class USS Enterprise -B had a battle bridge located on deck 19. (Star Trek Generations) The battle bridge on Galaxy -class starships was primarily designed for the control of the stardrive section in saucer separation scenarios.

What are the duty stations on the Enterprise NCC-1701’s bridge?

– Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange What are the various duty stations on the Enterprise NCC-1701’s bridge? I can identify the Captain’s duty station, Navigation, Communications, and the Science Officers console, and there are often Security personal standing guard near the turbolift.

Where was the Battle Bridge in Star Trek?

Restored by Herman Zimmerman as the USS Enterprise -A bridge, the original set had, after the bridge scenes were shot for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, been temporarily stored on the outside studio parking lot, in order to make room for other, new sets for the movie – more specifically, a massive, one-time-use-only shuttlebay set.

Where is the Battle Bridge on a TNG saucer?

The ship’s ‘Main Bridge’ is at the top of the saucer section. The ‘Battle Bridge’ is at the front of the engineering section. You can see both labelled in this blueprint from the TNG Technical Manual. I’ve labelled (in green) the joint between the saucer and the stardrive section.

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