Did China lie about gymnast ages?

Did China lie about gymnast ages?

During and after the 2008 Summer Olympics, He Kexin’s actual age became the subject of controversy; her passport and the Chinese Olympic Committee list her date of birth as January 1, 1992, which would make her 16 years, 220 days old during the 2008 Olympic opening ceremonies and therefore old enough to compete.

Who won silver in the balance beam?

Biles won a bronze medal in the balance beam final to bring her career total of Olympic medals to seven — four gold, one silver and two bronze….Olympic gymnastics results: Simone Biles wins bronze on balance beam in return to competition.

Place 5
Gymnast Suni Lee
Country United States
Score 13.866

Who won silver in beam?

Tang Xijing
Simone Biles, in her much-anticipated return, won bronze and another Chinese athlete, Tang Xijing, won silver. Guan, who is 16 and in her first Olympics, is a specialist on the balance beam and it showed at these Games.

Who was on the 2008 Chinese gymnastics team?

These gymnasts were a member of the Chinese gold medal-winning team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This team is similar to the Magnificent 7, as they won their first team title on home soil. Of the team, only Cheng Fei had competed at an Olympic Games before, in Athens.

Where was the women’s artistic gymnastics at the 2008 Olympics?

The women’s artistic team all-around competition at the 2008 Summer Olympics was held at the Beijing National Indoor Stadium on August 13, 2008. Teams qualified through the general artistic qualification performances. Each team was composed of six gymnasts.

How old was the Chinese gymnast at the Olympics?

The IOC had initially accepted the ages of all the Chinese participants, but newly uncovered documents suggested He was 14 years old, and thus ineligible to compete. The investigation was initiated after an American blogger reported on a cached official Excel spreadsheet showing He’s birthday as January 1, 1994.

Who was cleared to compete in the 2008 Olympics?

On October 1, 2008, the FIG ended their investigation and concluded that He and her teammates from the 2008 Olympic games were old enough to compete. This ruling confirmed the FIG’s initial conclusions. Though some media outlets have voiced doubts about the decision, the gymnasts have been cleared by the FIG of any wrongdoing.

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