What is the compound name of FeO?

What is the compound name of FeO?

Iron(II) oxide
Iron(II) oxide/IUPAC ID

What is the type 2 name for the compound FeO?

ferrous oxide
Iron(II) oxide or ferrous oxide is the inorganic compound with the formula FeO. Its mineral form is known as wüstite….Iron(II) oxide.

Chemical formula FeO
Molar mass 71.844 g/mol
Appearance black crystals
Density 5.745 g/cm3

Is FeO stable?

Below 570°, FeO is not stable, as shown by the iron–oxygen equilibrium diagram2 and Collongues & Chaudron3 have shown that in vacuo wüstite decomposes to give iron and magnetite at temperatures below 570°.

How do you convert Fe2O3 to FeO?

To get FeO to Fe2O3 just multiply FeO by 1.11111 Fe2O3 to FeO is just reverse, divide Fe2O3 by 1.11111 (or multiply by 0.89998).

Is FeO acidic or basic?

If you However, FeO is basic oxide. If you define by total basic / total acidic oxide, then it will increase.

Is FeO soluble or insoluble in water?

Naturally occurring iron oxide, iron hydroxide, iron carbide and iron penta carbonyl are water insoluble. The water solubility of some iron compounds increases at lower pH values.

Is FeO an acid?

For example, iron forms ferrous oxide (FeO), ferric oxide (Fe2O3), and ferroferric oxide (Fe3O4). Their oxides form acidic solutions. The oxides of aluminum (Al2O3), tin(II) (SnO), and iron (III) (Fe2O3), for example, are amphoteric species—that is, they exhibit both acidic and basic properties.

Can Fe2O3 be reduced by hydrogen?

The reduction of Fe2O3 with hydrogen was studied. The reduction is three-step reaction at high XH2O/XH2XH2O/XH2 ratio, but two-step reaction at low that ratio. Additionally, it was revealed that at extremely low XH2O/XH2XH2O/XH2 ratio the TP reduction is a one-step reaction, i.e. Fe2O3 → Fe.

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