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What is the surf like in Newcastle?

What is the surf like in Newcastle?

Newcastle Beach in Newcastle is an exposed beach and reef break that is often working. Autumn and winter are the optimum times of year for waves. The best wind direction is from the northwest. Waves just as likely from local windswells as from distant groundswells and the best swell direction is from the southeast.

Does Newcastle have good surf?

Newcastle’s best surf beach: Newcastle Beach There’s great surfing to be found at most of Newcastle’s beaches, including Nobby’s Stockton, and Merewether – the home of Surfest. But Newcastle Beach, just south of Newcastle Point, is world renowned for its waves.

What time is high tide at Newcastle Beach today?

Today’s tide times for Newcastle, Australia Next high tide in Newcastle, Australia is at 1:45 AM, which is in 5 hr 42 min 29 s from now.

Can you swim at Newcastle beaches?

2. Newcastle Ocean Baths. With its Art Deco facade, Newcastle Ocean Baths is an iconic swimming spot with lifeguard services provided 7 days a week all year round. With its pool depth, it’s best suited to kids who can swim or wear a swim vest.

What are the best suburbs in Newcastle NSW?

Best Newcastle suburbs to live in. Moving from Sydney to Newcastle….Some local favourites include:

  • Newcastle Beach.
  • Nobby’s Beach.
  • Horse Shoe Beach.
  • Dixon Park Beach.
  • Stockton Beach.
  • Dudley Beach.

Can you swim at Newcastle Beach?

What is the main beach in Newcastle?

Merewether Beach
Merewether Beach In Newcastle. I’m going to start straight away with Merewether beach, Newcastle’s most famous beach. The long stretch of sand is actually split up into a three beaches; Dixon Park, Bar beach and Merewether beach.

Is Newcastle high tide?

The tide is currently falling in Newcastle. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 1.3m was at 1:59pm and the lowest tide of 0.6m will be at 9:13pm….Regions and cities in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Bar Beach Lambton Newcastle Beach
Carrington Merewether – Ladies North Lambton

What time is low tide in Newcastle tomorrow?

Tide Times for Newcastle (tomorrow): Saturday 18 September 2021

Tide Time (AEST)& Date Height
Low Tide 00:25 AM(Sat 18 September) 0.69 ft (0.21 m)
High Tide 6:33 AM(Sat 18 September) 4.13 ft (1.26 m)
Low Tide 12:08 PM(Sat 18 September) 1.38 ft (0.42 m)
High Tide 6:31 PM(Sat 18 September) 5.48 ft (1.67 m)

Is there a surf cam in Newcastle NSW?

Welcome to Surfline’s Newcastle Surf Reports and Surf Cams — the most comprehensive Newcastle surf reports and surf cams site on the Internet. Situated between Sydney and the Gold Coast in central New South Wales, Newcastle is a workingman’s surf town. There are a lot of options when it comes to the surf around Newcastle.

Where are the best surf spots in NSW?

Situated between Sydney and the Gold Coast in central New South Wales, Newcastle is a workingman’s surf town. There are a lot of options when it comes to the surf around Newcastle. Home to beachbreaks, reef breaks and pointbreaks, Newcastle is a unique surf location in that it has a little bit of everything surfers are looking for.

How is the water temperature at Newcastle Beach?

The water temperature (17.9 °C) at Newcastle Beach is relatively warm. If the sun does come out as forecast, it should feel warm enough to surf in a summer wetsuit. Effective air temperature of 15.0 °C.

Where are the best surf breaks in Newcastle?

The main surf breaks in the Newcastle area include Fingal Bay, Shoal Bay, as well as Zenith Beach, Wreck Beach, Box Beach, and Morna Point and Birubi Point. Like a lot of spots around the New South Wales coastline, surfing around Newcastle means dialing in the area’s ever-changing coastal conditions.

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