Why is dharmasthala famous?

Why is dharmasthala famous?

The town is known for its Dharmasthala Temple which houses the shrine of Shiva, Manjunatha, Ammanavaru, Chandranath and the Dharma Daivas (guardian spirits of Dharma) — Kalarahu, Kalarkayi, Kumaraswamy and Kanyakumari. Dharmastala represents religious tolerance.

Which God is Worshipped in Dharmasthala?

The Dharmasthala temple is a Shaiva temple that is worshipped by Vaishnava priests ( who are followers of Lord Vishnu), and the administration is in the hands of Jain descendants. Dharmasthala temple means the “abode of dharma”- the essence and nucleus of humanity and faith.

Who is the founder of Dharmasthala Temple?

Birmanna Pergade
Dharmasthala Temple

Dharmasthala Temple (ಧರ್ಮಸ್ಥಳ)
Location in Karnataka
Geographic coordinates 12.96012°N 75.37836°ECoordinates:12.96012°N 75.37836°E
Creator Birmanna Pergade

What is the dress code in Dharmasthala?

A proper dress code is to be followed by all devotees who visit the temple, in accordance with the norms of the temple. Male devotees should remove their shirt and vest before they enter the Sanctum Sanctorum. Men who are wearing half pants and women in nightgowns will not be allowed inside the temple for darshan.

Is phone allowed in Dharmasthala temple?

Using mobile phones inside the temple premises is not permitted.

Can we wear jeans in Dharmasthala?

Men are allowed to wear only dhotis with or without angavastra. But women devotees wearing pants and churidar cover it with a dhoti to enter the temple.

Is jeans allowed in Kukke Subramanya?

It is up to the government to take a decision on the matter, he said. VHP division secretary Sharan Kumar claimed devotees wearing jeans, T-shirts and shorts were seen at the Kukke temple, which, he said, is not desirable. “Devotees should wear Hindu traditional dress or ethnic wear when they enter temples,” he said.

Which is the most famous temple in Dharmasthala?

The main attraction of Dharmasthala is famous Manjunatha Temple. This place is also known as Sri Kshetra. Dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Manjunatha or Lokeshwara, this temple dates back to 16th Century. It is said that the Shiva Linga worshipped at this temple was procured from Kadri Temple in Mangalore.

Which is the best way to get to Dharmasthala from Mangalore?

Travellers can hire taxis/cabs or take buses to reach Dharmasthala from Mangalore. Tourists can travel by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) buses to reach Dharmasthala from all over the state. Private buses or by their own vehicles to reach Dharmasthala.

How old is the Dharmasthala Temple in Kannada?

The Dharmasthala Temple is a beautiful, historic temple that is 8 centuries old. It is dedicated to the Hindu God, Lord Shiva and is situated in the famous Dakshin Kannada district of the temple town of Dharmasthala.

Which is the nearest railway station to Dharmasthala?

By Train. Mangalore Railway Station is the nearest railway junction to Dharmasthala, situated at a distance of about 74 km. The railway station is well connected to all the major cities and towns in India.

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