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Is John and Laurie Force still married?

Is John and Laurie Force still married?

And when it comes to his family, Force, 69, is very clear that he’s been dealt a winning hand. He and wife Laurie Force, 67, put on the brakes for a rare race-day interview, to talk about their partnership, 37 years of marriage and life in a fast-paced world. Laurie says John’s enthusiasm kept the couple on track.

Who is John Force’s wife?

Laurie Force
John Force/Wife

Who is John Force married to now?

John Force/Spouse

Who was John Force first wife?

John Force
Related to Laurie Force (wife) Adria Hight (daughter) Ashley Force Hood (daughter) Daniel Hood (son-in-law) Brittany Force (daughter) Courtney Force (daughter) Robert Hight (son-in-law) Graham Rahal (son-in-law) Harlan Rahal (granddaughter) Autumn Hight (granddaughter)
NHRA Funny Car career

What killed Eric Medlen?

March 23, 2007
Eric Medlen/Date of death

How old is John Force drag racer?

72 years (May 4, 1949)
John Force/Age

“I went nuts down there at the other end,” said the 72-year-old Force, who drove the Peak/BlueDef Platinum Chevrolet Camaro to the satisfying win.

Is Scott Kalitta still alive?

Deceased (1962–2008)
Scott Kalitta/Living or Deceased

What happened to Austin Coil?

At 69, Austin is enjoying retirement with Lisa, his wife of 21 years, and has turned down numerous offers to work for other prominent teams. After more than 40 years of wrenching Funny Cars, the man who achieved more than any crew chief in drag-racing history says he is finished. This is his story.

How many daughters did John Force have?

From their successful conjugal life, the couple has welcomed three daughters named Brittany Force (in relationship with Jim Underco), Courtney Force (married to Graham Rahal ) and Ashley Force Hood (married to Daniel Hood). With his first wife, John is a father to a daughter named Adria Hight (married to Robert Hight).

Is John Force still married?

John Force has been married twice. His first marriage let him blessed with a daughter named Adria Hight who is now married to racer Robert Hight. John and his wife Laurie Force are having a perfect family life together.

How many kids does John Force have?

John is one of six children of Harold and Betty Ruth Force. John had five siblings. Walker, Louie, Tom (now deceased), and Cindy Hem (married to Skip Hem) were all older than John. Dana (Baby Force) Marino is ten years younger than John. Walker and Cindy still live near John in Southern California.

What are the names of John forces daughters?

John Force Racing is a family affair; as well as John himself, his three daughters – Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney – have all raced for the team. John Force is one of the most successful drag racers of all time, having won the Funny Car championship 16 times a driver in a career which started in 1978 and which is still ongoing today.

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