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How do you homeschool Waldorf?

How do you homeschool Waldorf?

Getting Started with Waldorf Homeschooling

  1. Start Where You Are! Honestly, wherever you are on the homeschooling journey and in your understanding of the Waldorf method is just fine.
  2. Embrace Rhythm.
  3. Enjoy the Journey.
  4. Spend Time Outdoors.
  5. Read Stories Every Day.
  6. Weave in the Lively Arts.
  7. Find Community.

Is Lego A Waldorf?

But that doesn’t mean I am opening the flood gates to plastic toys in our home. : : It’s BPA free. : : Lego is a Waldorf ‘equaliser’/’normaliser’ for our home for when the chidren have friends over from non-Waldorf families as they get older. They don’t attend a Waldorf school but a regular state primary school.

What makes a toy Waldorf?

Waldorf toys are wooden toys, they are eco-friendly toys and of course organic toys. Toys that are made from natural materials, with rich, natural colors, and that are lovingly handcrafted are inviting and contribute to a child’s “sense of life.” Waldorf toys are often simple, without a lot of detail.

What is Waldorf style education?

Waldorf Education is a worldwide independent school movement developed in Europe nearly 100 years ago by Austrian philosopher, social reformer, and visionary, Rudolf Steiner. In Waldorf Education, the learning process is essentially threefold, engaging head, heart, and hands—or thinking, feeling, and doing.

Is Waldorf a religious school?

Waldorf schools are non-sectarian and non-denominational. Waldorf schools are not part of any church. They espouse no particular religious doctrine but are based on a belief that there is a spiritual dimension to the human being and to all of life.

Is Waldorf a good education?

These scientists, led by neuroscientist Larrison, not only found that Waldorf students significantly outperform their peers on standardized tests at the end of their middle school curriculum (8th grade), they emphasize that Waldorf students’ superior performance occurs even though the students do not have a history of …

Why are Waldorf toys important to the world?

… Our line of Waldorf toys are rooted in the method of education that encompasses the whole child – the head, heart and hands. Our brands are family-owned companies from around the globe that care about sustainability and stimulating imaginative play.

What do you need to know about Waldorf education?

Waldorf teachers educate the whole child through art, music and movement: hands, heart and mind. Waldorf schools are the largest growing non-sectarian educational movement in the world, and are born out of the impulses of social understanding, spirituality of the individual, and a striving towards a peaceful future.

Are there any Waldorf toys at natural Baby Company?

Natural Baby Company is proud to carry Waldorf Toys from artisan companies who set a high bar on design, craftsmanship, sustainability and the child’s experience. Our toy collection is eco-friendly, non-toxic and will last for years to come.

What do toddlers need to know about toys?

Toddlers will learn to identify sounds and shapes and colors, numbers and letters, and to recognize familar scens from the world around them with these handcrafted wooden toys. All of our wooden toys are non-toxic and conform to the rigorous European toy-safety standards.

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