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What frequency is Vatican Radio?

What frequency is Vatican Radio?

1530 kHz
Vatican Radio’s interval signal is a well-known sound on shortwave radio. One aerial for the medium wave frequency 1530 kHz which consists of four 94-metre-high (308 ft) grounded freestanding towers arranged in a square, which carry wires for a medium wave aerial on horizontal crossbars.

Who was the first pope broadcast on radio?

Unable to stop the spread of war, Pius—the first pope to use radio extensively—made a series of Christmas broadcasts in which he returned to a number of themes raised by Benedict XV during World War I.

How do I listen to the Vatican on the radio?

FEATURES ON APP RADIO VATICAN – RADIO VATICAN FM & AM: LISTEN LIVE VATICAN RADIO STATIONS ONLINE + MUSIC AND TALK STATIONS: # VATICAN RADIO PLAYER APP You don’t need to know the frequency so you can tune into the Radio Vatican live of your choice. Just touch the name of the FM or AM Radio station and enjoy.

Who was the pope in 1350?

Pope Boniface IX
Pope Boniface IX (Latin: Bonifatius IX; c. 1350 – 1 October 1404, born Pietro Tomacelli) was the Roman claimant to the headship of the Catholic Church from 2 November 1389 to his death….

Pope Boniface IX
Born c. 1350 Naples, Kingdom of Naples
Died 1 October 1404 (aged 53–54) Rome, Papal States

What happened to World Radio Network?

WRN Broadcast Limited was acquired by Babcock International Group plc in March 2015. Encompass completes acquisition of Babcock’s media services in September 2018.

How many miles of shelves are reported to be housed in the Vatican Secret Archives?

It boasts letters from well-known figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Mary, Queen of Scots. It has been assessed to contain 53 miles (85 kilometers) of shelving, with 35,000 volumes in the selective catalog alone.

What time is the Pope speaking today?

The General Audience is held (nearly) every Wednesday at 10 or 10:30am, when Pope Francis is in Rome.

Is there Mass at the Vatican today?

Attend mass Monday through Saturday at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 noon or 5 p.m. Mass is held within one of the chapels inside St. Peter’s Basilica. Select Sunday mass in the Vatican.

Which Pope survived the plague?

Pope Clement
Pope Clement chose to stay in Avignon during the Black Death and survived the worst of the plague, though a third of his cardinals died.

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