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Is Sunny Beach warm in May?

Is Sunny Beach warm in May?

In May, the average temperature in Sunny Beach is a mild 17°C, with highs of 21°C in the peak of the day. After dark temperatures fall to a low of 12°C, so you’ll need summer clothes for the daytime along with warmer layers for the cooler evenings.

Is Bulgaria warm in May?

May is a wonderful time to visit this region of Bulgaria, with a very pleasant average temperature of 17°C, even reaching a high of 21°C during the hottest times of the month. Indeed, the average low is only around 12°C, which certainly tells you that summer is beginning to arrive.

What is the weather like in May in Bulgaria?

Weather in May May is mostly sunny and beautiful in Bulgaria, with pleasantly warm temperatures. The average low temperatures rise from 7.2°C (45°F) to 13.3°C (55.9°F) over the month. Daytime temperatures usually average below 20.6°C (69.1°F) in the first half of May and are above 26.1°C (79°F) by the month-end.

What is the weather like in Bulgaria in April?

Weather in April April is a comfortable spring month in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, with average temperature ranging between max 16.2°C (61.2°F) and min 8°C (46.4°F).

What is the weather in Cyprus in April?

On average maximum temperature gets up to 21°C-23°C on the coast depending on the area (west coast is cooler). It is warmer inland with temperatures reaching 24°C. Maximum temperature on the mountains is about 15°C. At night temperature drops to 11°C-13°C on the coast, 10°C inland and 6°C in the mountainous areas.

What state has the best weather in May?

Berkeley, California is one of the East Bay cities that basks in balmy, dry weather during May.

  • Bismarck, North Dakota. North Dakota’s capital leads the state for warm weather in May.
  • Oakland, California.
  • Beaverton, Oregon.
  • Ocean City, Maryland.
  • Patchogue, New York.
  • Decatur, Indiana.
  • Umatilla, Oregon.
  • Santa Cruz, California.

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