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What are the companies under Hayleys group?

What are the companies under Hayleys group?

With a presence in 16 business sectors, The Hayleys Group is the most diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

  • ECO SOLUTIONS. We remain a leading manufacturer and exporter of value-added coconut fibre products.

What are the conglomerate organizations in Sri Lanka?

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  • C T Holdings.
  • Carson Cumberbatch.
  • Ceylinco Consolidated.

How many companies are in Hayleys group?

Hayleys comprises over 130 business units and subsidiaries, nine of which are publicly listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Is Hayleys a public limited company?

Hayleys Ltd., becomes a public company. The shipping agency department is formed, later to be reconstituted as Maritime Agencies Ltd.

What are the companies of Dhammika Perera?

Mr. Dhammika Perera Mr Perera is the Chairman of Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC, Lanka Tiles PLC, Lanka Walltiles PLC, The Fortress Resort PLC, Vallibel Power Erathna PLC, Greener Water Limited, Delmege Limited, and LB Microfinance Myanmar Company Limited.

Who is the richest persons in Sri Lanka?

Richest People in Sri Lanka

  • $18 Billion.
  • $17 Billion.
  • $17 Billion.
  • $17 Billion.
  • Dilip Shanghvi. $16 Billion.
  • Thomas Kwok. $16 Billion.
  • Alisher Usmanov. $16 Billion.
  • Stefan Quandt. $16 Billion.

How big is Hayleys business in Sri Lanka?

Hayleys today is a story of resilience and pioneering spirit, together with a journey of accomplishments spanning over 143 years. The Group accounts for approximately 3.2% of Sri Lanka’s export income, 3.6% of its tea and 3.9% of its rubber production, with business interests in 16 business sectors.

Where does Hayleys tea get its products from?

In addition to Sri Lanka, Hayleys today has manufacturing facilities in Indonesia and Thailand, and marketing operations in Australia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, UK and USA. The Group accounts for 3.53% of Sri Lanka’s Export Income, and 3.4% of Tea and 3.8% of Rubber production.

What kind of business does Hayleys Group have?

Hayleys steps into the business of plantations. Hayleys steps into power generation in collaboration with AES corporation of USA. The Group entered into the ship owning business, where Maritime Holdings Ltd. makes its maiden investment in the container vessel “Orient Stride”. Dipped Products Ltd’s initial overseas plant is setup.

Which is the largest distributor hub in Sri Lanka?

Hayleys Advantis unveils Sri Lanka’s largest distribution hub. Entered in to a partnership with Martin Bauer group of Germany, a global leader and supplier of herbal and fruit infusions. Hayleys Global Beverages was renamed Martin Bauer Hayleys with the joint venture investment by MB Beteligungs GmbH.

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