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Which is better Fox Glacier or Franz Josef?

Which is better Fox Glacier or Franz Josef?

The most dramatic formations occur on a glacier when it moves downwards on a steep gradient. Fox Glacier has a gradual incline whereas Franz Josef is steeper. The surface of Franz Josef Glacier is full of crevasses and ice caves, where you have a much better chance of seeing the famous blue ice.

Can you hike Franz Josef glacier?

Franz Josef Glacier walk is an easy 1.5 hour round trip walk to the base of Franz Josef Glacier from the car park. Walk past a waterfall along the wide river stone track, suitable for children. You can’t get that close to the glacier face anymore because it’s receded too far.

What should I wear to Franz Josef glacier?

But for the rest of us, here’s the run down on what we provide for hiking Franz Josef Glacier….This includes:

  • Breathable rain jacket.
  • Hiking boots.
  • Waterproof over-trousers.
  • Crampons.
  • Socks, hats and gloves (if you need them)

What is there to do between Rick Anau and Wanaka?

Wanaka to Te Anau (incl. Milford Track)

  • Skiing. Some of best skifields in the country can be found between Wanaka & Queenstown!
  • TSS Earnslaw. Sail across Lake Wakatipu from the shores of Queenstown on this iconic vintage steamship – over 103 yrs old!
  • Luge & Gondola.
  • Milford Track.
  • Doubtful Sound Excursion.

Is there a helicopter tour to Franz Josef Glacier?

This world-renowned Glacier Heli Hike is not to be missed. Please note: This tour is operated by The Helicopter Line, with guided services provided by Franz Josef Glacier Guides.

Where does the Heli hike start in Franz Josef?

Your journey starts at our glacier base in Franz Josef Village where our friendly team will check you in, get you kitted out with the essential gear and give you a pre-trip briefing. From here, your guide will lead you a on a short walk through native forest to the heli pad and get you ready to board your helicopter.

What are the features of the Franz Josef Glacier?

Because the glacier is so fast moving, its features are constantly changing – you might find yourself sliding through a narrow crevasse or between towering walls of ice, crawling through blue ice tunnels, hanging out in ice caves, or witnessing the glacier calving.

Who are the guides for the Heli hike?

Heli Hike Tours are operated by The Helicopter Line with guiding services provided by Franz Josef Glacier Guides. The Helicopter Line adheres to the highest safety standards to ensure ongoing safety for both guests and our team.

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