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What engine does a M-ATV have?

What engine does a M-ATV have?

The M-ATV Assault is powered by a Caterpillar C7, 7.2L engine with a rated power output of 276kW. The engine is coupled to an Allison 3500 SP six-speed automatic transmission.

How much does a M-ATV cost?

Each M-ATV costs $437,000, but the price tag rises to more than $1 million each when all of the combat equipment is installed, according to Pentagon officials.

What is a M-ATV military vehicle?

Oshkosh MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle
The Oshkosh MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) is the high-mobility, high-protection medium tactical vehicle specifically engineered for treacherous environments.

How much does an Oshkosh MRAP cost?

Oshkosh M-ATV
Designer Oshkosh / Plasan
Designed 2009
Manufacturer Oshkosh Corporation
Unit cost $470,000+

Can a civilian own MRAP?

Armored Vehicles for Sale: Yes, Civilians Can Buy Surplus MRAP APCs!

How big is the M ATV 6×6 technology demonstrator?

The M-ATV 6×6 Technology Demonstrator builds upon the protection and off-road mobility performance of the battle-proven M-ATVs, while providing more interior volume for up to 15 soldiers, as well as greater payload capacity and all-wheel steer for exceptional maneuverability.

How much does an army 6×6 truck cost?

Air shift front axle allows for engagement of front axle when needed. Full power steering makes for effortless turning in demanding environments. Full air brake system. We can customize to your needs- paint, tires, frame stretching, etc! This truck is in very good shape both mechanically and structurally. Truck is ready for work. $21,500

What kind of engine does an army 6×6 have?

Fresh Rebuild M923a2 6×6 Cargo Truck. Heavy spec 18k front and 44k rear tandem with double reduction Rockwell axles. Cummins 8.3L C series turbocharged Diesel engine equipped with inline mechanical Bosch fuel pump for ultimate durability.

How much does a 6×6 dump truck cost?

This truck is in very good shape both mechanically and structurally. Truck is ready for work. $21,500 Heavy Specification M929a2 6×6 Dump Truck. 18k front axle and 44k rear double reduction Rockwell Axles. Cummins 8.3 liter C series turbocharged diesel.

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