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Why did the Meadow Well riots start?

Why did the Meadow Well riots start?

Mr Mather said: “It all started when some crooks set fire to the sub-station and the whole estate plunged into darkness. “This allowed them to break into the bookmakers shop. They set that on fire when they left. All the lights were out and people starting looting the newsagents and other shops, and it went on.”

When were the Meadow Well riots?

9 September 1991
Whatever the root cause of the Meadow Well riots on the night of 9 September 1991 they have dogged the estate ever since.

Where is Meadow Well Estate?

The estate is around a mile west of the centre of North Shields. Percy Main borders Meadow Well to the south. The hamlet of East Howdon is to the south west.

When was the Byker Wall built?

1969 and 1982
Community feeling. The Byker Estate was built between 1969 and 1982. Designed by the late architect Ralph Erskine, it covers an area of approximately 200 acres and is home to around 9,500 people.

How many people live in the Byker Wall?

9,500 people
Today, Byker is best known for Erskine’s Byker Wall, an 1,800-home estate of 9,500 people, which is among the best regarded of Britain’s postwar council estates.

Is Newcastle a rough area?

Newcastle upon Tyne Crime Overview Newcastle upon Tyne is the most dangerous major city in Tyne & Wear, and is among the top 5 most dangerous overall out of Tyne & Wear’s 28 towns, villages, and cities. This is 15% lower than 2019’s figure of 11,996 offences and a difference of 5.39 from 2019’s crime rate of 42.

What happened at the end of Byker Grove?

How did it end? After 18 series’, the show ended in 2006, and its ending was met with a lot of criticism. In the finale, everyone in the Grove realises that they were actually just made-up characters in a TV show and that their whole world is controlled by ‘The Writers’ who plan to demolish the Grove.

What’s the roughest part of Newcastle?

From using the metro over the years, the roughest stops seem to be Meadowell or Percy Main. Most times there’s groups of young charvers hanging about. Elswick, Lemington, Scotswood area.

How did PJ go blind?

P.J. was blinded during an illicit and unsupervised paintballing session, in which he ignored warnings and removed his face guard, in a scene filmed on location at Aydon Castle near Corbridge.

Where did the Meadow Well Riots take place?

Meadow Well riots. The Meadow Well riots were a series of violent protests that took place on September 9, 1991 on the Meadow Well council estate, east of Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

When did BBC Radio Newcastle Report on Meadowell riots?

In a special week of programmes in 2006, BBC Radio Newcastle were live on North Tyneside giving the people of North Shields the chance to tell their story. BBC Inside Out also broadcast a special report on the Meadowell Riots on Monday 11 September 2006, and you can watch it right here:

Where does the Meadow Well Trust take place?

The trust has operated from a number of sites over the years, but by 2019 it was operating from the Meadowell Centre, in the heart of the estate and an area that had been regarded as a focus of conflict. Meadow Well-Connected was established in 1993 to enable and support the residents of the Meadow Well and the surrounding area.

How did the Meadow Well Estate get its name?

The bulk of the Meadow Well Estate was built in the 1930s to accommodate low income residents who were displaced by slum clearances in nearby North Shields. It was originally called The Ridges, but in 1968 the local authority changed its name to Meadow Well in an attempt to improve the image of the dilapidated estate.

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