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Is Clearwater Beach good for Spring Break?

Is Clearwater Beach good for Spring Break?

The Clearwater Beach Spring Break stretches from March into April. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit Clearwater Beach, Florida. There are very few days of rain. The sun is warm throughout the day, with average highs reaching into the mid-70s and only drops into the 60s at night.

Is north or south Clearwater Beach better?

Every part of Clearwater Beach has its own charm. Clearwater Beach North is more quiet compared to the areas near Pier 60 and further south. So if you want a quiet stay you should look further north while Pier 60 and the southern part is the best part of Clearwater Beach for more buzz and things to do.

Is Clearwater a big Spring Break destination?

Clearwater continues to be a Spring Break hot spot, and that won’t change anytime soon, but St. Pete Beach further south is sure to draw a crowd after being named TripAdvisor’s No. Hoteliers tell the Tampa Bay Times that occupancy is looking good for Spring Break on all Pinellas County beaches.

Is Clearwater a party beach?

Anyone who has strolled or driven Clearwater Beach after dark has surely discovered Shephards. Their rocking live music is a well-known beacon to beach bar party seekers. Have your smile ready at the door, as well as a high tolerance for ear thumping tunes and wild times.

Is Clearwater Beach crowded during Spring Break?

Beaches and streets are packed with people. The Clearwater Beach strip is back in action fully for spring break, making up for last year’s loss. “It’s busier than last year for sure, even with COVID affecting us we’ve had a lot of business. Everything’s been great,” said Jason McNary, who works at Extreme Pizza.

Can you swim at Clearwater Beach in March?

Is it warm enough to swim in Clearwater in March? Average water temperature in Clearwater in March is 68.2°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. Average high air temperature in Clearwater in March is 76°F, and average low temperature is 58°F.

Which is nicer Sarasota or Clearwater?

Sarasota will have more upscale shops, and restaurants. On Clearwater Beach, it sounds like the Sandpearl Resort is just what you are looking for. Upscale, on the quieter north end of the beach, but still an easy walk to restaurants.

What is the best time to visit Clearwater Florida?

The best time to visit Clearwater Beach is between October and December. During these autumn months, you’ll find low humidity, fewer tourists and many holiday events to experience.

Is Clearwater Beach crowded during spring break?

Is Clearwater busy during spring break?

CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla. — It’s the busiest time of the year in Tampa Bay. Students from most of our major counties are out of school and visitors are flocking in from around the country to enjoy Spring Break.

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