How much does a Jenday conure cost?

How much does a Jenday conure cost?

A Jendaya conure could cost you up to $600.

Do Jenday conures make good pets?

Smart, energetic, and loving little parrots, jenday conures make good pets for owners who can spend time socializing with them. Colorful and intelligent, these birds have been popular pets for many years. They are suitable for families with children.

Are Jenday conures rare?

The bird has a wide range, but is locally rare in the wild; they are common in aviculture, where they are known as “jenday conures”.

Are Jendays loud?

Like most conures, the Jenday is persistently noisy, with a raucous call that can disturb those with more sensitive hearing. It’s moderately loud, and shouldn’t disturb neighbors.

What is the life span of a conure?

about 30 years
The bird’s full coloration is not seen until they are sexually mature at about two years of age. Their lifespan is about 30 years.

How do I know if my sun conure is happy?


  1. Singing, talking, and whistling: These vocalizations are often signs of a happy, healthy, content bird.
  2. Chattering: Chattering can be very soft or very loud.
  3. Purring: Not the same as a cat’s purr, a bird’s purr is more like a soft growl that can be a sign of contentment or a sign of annoyance.

What’s the difference between a Jenday conure and a sun conure?

Sun Conure Overview. The main difference between the Sun and Jenday Conures is their colors. It’s a stark contrast from the yellow head, orange body, and green wings of the Jenday Conure. However, some experts believe that this bird is a subspecies of the Sun Conure, making them closer relatives than many may think.

Are Nanday conures loud?

And the loudest parrot species is enough proof. With Nanday conure producing as much as 155 decibels of noise, their screeching can cause permanent ear damage. The other species of conure family produce an average of 120 decibels, which can be heard miles away. All of them can beat the noise levels of a rock concert.

How big does a jenday conure parrot get?

In short, an amicable environment, healthy diet, clean surroundings, and regular checkups are the major considerations for increasing Jenday’s lifespan. Jenday Conures are considered as small birds but not the smallest. They are larger than Green Cheek Conures. Their average size is 12 inches when measured from their beak to tail tip.

Where do jenday conures live in the wild?

Jenday conures are native to northeastern Brazil where they reside in lowland deciduous woodlands, dense growth, and palm groves. These medium-sized Conures prefer to build their nest high up in the tree hollows. They are a popular choice among bird lovers as they are excellent companions.

How long does it take a jenday conure to lay an egg?

The fertility of Jenday Conures is relatively higher than many other parrot breeds. They lay 2 to 4 eggs and the incubation period is 25-27 days. After around 7 weeks, the baby chicks are ready to fledge.

How much does a jenday conure Cage cost?

They are sometimes also referred to as medium-sized conures as their long tail gives an illusion of a larger size. The price of a Jenday Conure starts from $400 and can reach up to $600. Further investment in a cage and its accessories can be expected initially.

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