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Who is better stats LeBron or Larry Bird?

Who is better stats LeBron or Larry Bird?

LeBron James leads Larry Bird in points per game in both regular season as well as playoffs. Larry is a better rebounder than James as he averages 3.7 rebounds more. Bird averaged 6.3 assists per game for his career which is extremely formidable for a small forward/power forward.

Why is Larry Bird better than LeBron James?

LeBron has more MVPs, more All-Star appearances, more points scored, and just as many All-Star appearances. Oh, and the number of game-winning shots? Bird has only made 15 in his career, while LeBron has already made 18. Statistically, LeBron has the edge over Bird — there’s no arguing that.

What year was Larry Bird 30?

He was named NBA Coach of the Year for the 1997–1998 season and later led the Pacers to a berth in the 2000 NBA Finals. In 2003, Bird was named president of basketball operations for the Pacers, holding the position until retiring in 2012….Larry Bird.

Indiana Pacers
Career history
As player:
1979–1992 Boston Celtics
As coach:

Did Larry Bird wear 33?

All-time Celtics great Larry Bird didn’t make the cut, ceding his No. 33 to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Who is better Kobe or Larry Bird?

I’ve been told that Larry Bird is “just flat-out better than Kobe Bryant.” Yet, when you look at both raw statistics and advanced statistics, it is pretty clear that Bryant is the superior player. For example, Larry Bird has a career Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 23.5.

Why did Shaq wear 32 in Orlando?

The club also had been under pressure by NBA Properties eager to put a number on the assembly line of Shaq T-shirts, caps, etc. O’Neal wore 32 in high school because no 33 could be found in a laundry basket of hand-me-downs.

Who wore 33 before Larry Bird?

Stephen Phil Kuberski
Stephen Phil Kuberski (born November 6, 1947) is an American former professional basketball player. Kuberski won two NBA titles with the Boston Celtics, in 1974 and 1976 and had a nine-year National Basketball Association (NBA) career. Kuberski was the last Celtic to wear number 33 before Larry Bird.

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