Are there any custom molded in ear monitors?

Are there any custom molded in ear monitors?

Custom molded in-ear monitors (IEMs), earplugs, and hearing protection for musicians and sound engineers – both professional & amateur – and their fans, with a focus on hearing health from leading audiologists.

Can a custom in ear monitor block out noise?

Every custom in-ear monitor will block out -26dB of ambient noise and all models will allow you to hear your mix with detail and clarity. Our suggestion is simple: have your in-ear match your gear & your style.

Which is the best company for ear monitors?

The sound is clean and pure and the fit is comfortable whether I’m playing 30 minutes or 4 hours. You won’t find an easier or better company to deal with, their staff makes you feel like family and the customer is always first! Empire Ears are the best in the game.

How to make your own in-ear monitor logo?

Alclair logos are free to add to your in-ear monitors. Select the the logo you want for each monitor. Please note, we cannot change the colors of the Alclair logos. Depending on the color of the faceplate selected, darker logos may not be visible. Upload custom art for your monitors here. A transparent background is recommended, we can print white.

Which is the best ear monitor in the game?

Empire Ears are the best in the game. Being a worship leader for many years, I was never really satisfied with the sound I was getting out of my IEMS, that is until I found Empire! They deliver a crisp, live, and full sound that is detailed in your ears. I couldn’t be happier with the sound Empire Ears brings!

How does UE pro in ear monitor work?

Our earphones create a natural seal with your ear to block out 26 decibels of ambient noise, so you can hear clearly anywhere—from the stage to the studio and anywhere in between. 3D-printed from impressions of your unique ear shape, UE Pro in-ear monitors offer a level of personalized comfort that can’t be beat.

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