What does NetSol Tech do?

What does NetSol Tech do?

NetSol Technologies, Inc. is a provider of information technology (IT) and enterprise software solutions. The Company is engaged in licensing, customization, enhancement and maintenance of its suite of financial applications under the brand name NFS Ascent, for businesses in the leasing and financing industry.

Is NetSol Pakistani?

Company Profile NetSol Technologies Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on August 22, 1996 under the repealed Companies Ordinance, 1984 as a private company limited by shares, was later on converted into public limited company.

Who is the owner of NetSol company?

Najeeb Ullah Ghauri
NetSol Technologies/CEO

When was NetSol technologies founded?

NetSol Technologies/Founded

How many employees does netsol have?

NetSol Technologies is an American software company which makes automobile leasing software. It is based in Calabasas, California, United States and was founded by Najeeb Ghauri. The company employees 1,700 people….NetSol Technologies.

Type Public

What do you know about netsol?

NETSOL Technologies maintains its position as a leader in providing innovative solutions to the global asset finance and leasing industry. We take pride in being the first organization in the industry to introduce digital transformation and launch a complete line of digital solutions.

Who is CEO of netsol?

NetSol Technologies/CEO
Salim Ghauri, Founder & CEO NetSol Technologies, is one of the best known figures from the Pakistani IT industry. He has been cited as the ‘Bill Gates of Pakistan’, a reference to his incredible achievements as an IT entrepreneur.

Who is CEO of NetSol?

What is NFS ascent?

NFS Ascent is the next-generation platform for the 360 degree automation of all finance and leasing operations, from contract origination to complete contract lifecycle management up until termination. The suite includes CMS (Contract Management System), LOS (Loan Origination System) and WFS (Wholesale Finance System).

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