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Who did Mikan Sakura end up with?

Who did Mikan Sakura end up with?

Natsume Hyūga
Natsume Hyūga Natsume is Mikan’s true love. They first meet when they are 10-years-old, became a couple at 12-years-old, and got married at 20-year-old.

Is Gakuen Alice A Yuri?

Yuri Miyazono (宮園 百合 Miyazono Yuri) is a student of the Alice Academy in the middle school section. She has the Somatic Type Alice of Female Pheromone. Yuri is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in the anime….

Yuri Miyazono
Alice Female Pheromone Alice
Alice Type Somatic Ability
Alice Academy
School Alice Academy-Junior High

Is there a season 2 of Gakuen Alice?

Yeah there is season 2.

Who are the characters in Tsubasa ando Gakuen Alice?

Tsubasa goes Christmas shopping with Megane, Misaki Harada, and Tono and meets up with Mikan, Hotaru, Ruka, Sumire, Kitsuneme, and Kokoroyomi. When they all decided to buy presents to celebrate Natsume’s birthday, Tsubasa teases Ruka for acting shy around Mikan and is beaten up by Ruka (in a friendly manner).

Who is the voice of Misaki in Gakuen Alice?

Misaki is also a part of Watching Over Ruka Group with Tsubasa. Misaki is voiced by Marina Inoue in the anime. Misaki’s layered hair just rests a bit below her shoulder and her bangs are split in the middle.

How old was Tsubasa when he came to Alice Academy?

Tsubasa was brought to the academy at the age of three, the same age as Misaki came as. Tsubasa was known to throw tantrums as a child and met Tono, who became his senpai and who often bullied him.

Why does Misaki want to remain the Dangerous Ability Class?

Misaki is seen arguring with Tsubasa on why he wishes to remain the Dangerous Ability Class. Tsubasa tells her that he owes someone (Natsume). Misaki is unconvinced and the two bicker. It is revealed in chapter 149 that Tsubasa confessed to Misaki previously as he took Natsume’s advice to tell her.

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