How do you use Bondo fiberglass resin jelly?

How do you use Bondo fiberglass resin jelly?

For a golf ball-size amount of resin jelly, squeeze out 1 1/4 inch strip of hardener, or mix a 3 inch diameter circle 1/2 inch thick of resin jelly to a 3 inch strip of cream hardener. Mix thoroughly to a uniform color on clean, non-porous surface. Mix only small amounts that can be used within 3-4 minutes.

What is the difference between fiberglass resin and fiberglass resin jelly?

Resin is just to soak the mat. Jelly is more cosmetic.

How much hardener do you put in fiberglass resin jelly?

It should say something like squeeze out 1/2 inch of hardener for every ounce of jelly.

Does Bondo body filler work on fiberglass?

Bondo Body Filler cures fast, shapes in minutes and is formulated to be a non-shrinking and permanently durable material. In addition to its uses on vehicle exteriors and other metal surfaces it is also a suitable repair option for wood, fiberglass and concrete.

Can you use fiberglass resin by itself?

Suitable for a tremendous range of projects, Bondo® Fiberglass Resin can stand alone or be used with backing strips, tape, cloth or fiberglass mat for jobs where you need reliable strength.

Can you use cream hardener with fiberglass resin?

You need liquid hardener for fiberglass resin. The cream does not work .

Is fiberglass stronger than bondo?

Registered. “Bondo Glass” is a short strand fiberglass filler, I goes on like Bondo, but it is made of fiberglass, so it is stronger, it’s also a little harder to sand then regualar bondo.

Should I use fiberglass or body filler?

Fiberglass filler is much stronger and harder than regular body filler so anywhere the filler needs extra strength is a good place for fiberglass filler. I rarely use long strand filler because it can’t be spread as smoothly but when a large area needs the strength the long strand is usually the material needed.

Can I use regular Bondo on fiberglass?

Fiberglass Bondo is waterproof, extremely strong and can be used for virtually any fiberglass panel. As an initial matter, it must be recognized that there is Bondo for metal and Bondo for fiberglass. Ensure that the Bondo for fiberglass is used.

Can you put fiberglass resin over paint?

The instructions specify “Don’t apply resin mixture over painted or finished surfaces, it won’t adhere.”

Do you have to use cloth with fiberglass resin?

You may be tempted to use resin without some kind of backing like matting or fiberglass cloth. DON’T USE JUST RESIN! You will definitely want to use at the very least matting (easy, thicker matrix, soaks up resin fast!) which significantly hardens your armor.

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