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What is RCN fastest internet speed?

What is RCN fastest internet speed?

940 Mbps
RCN offers high speed internet service, including gigabit internet connection with speeds up to 940 Mbps* that everyone in your home can enjoy, on multiple devices, all at the same time.

Is RCN good for gaming?

RCN’s fiber rich internet delivers gig speed internet no matter what high-bandwidth activity you choose. Faster internet speeds, drastically reduced bandwidth, and more reliable gameplay when compared to cable.

How can I reduce my RCN bill?

Below we walk through a few steps that can help you save money on your RCN bill:

  1. Review your monthly bill.
  2. Choose the service that you need.
  3. Take advantage of RCN discounts and special promotions.

Why is my RCN bill so high?

We periodically need to adjust rates due to increases we incur in programming and business costs. TV networks continue to demand major increases in the costs they charge us to carry their networks. We will continue to negotiate to keep costs as low as possible.

What kind of internet speed does RCN offer?

RCN offers download speeds anywhere from 10 to 940 Mbps. We wouldn’t recommend its slower plans to anyone doing some serious web surfing, but its 50 and 100 Mbps plans are a great place to start for a small family—and the speeds just get better from there.

How much does RCN internet cost in Chicago?

For example, a 500 Mbps plan in New York City costs $34.99 a month, while the same 500 Mbps plan costs $49.99 a month in Chicago. Despite muddying the waters with regional price changes, RCN internet remains cheap. Here’s a quick look at its prices for Chicago, IL:

Which is the best ISP in the same area as RCN?

Another ISP you’ll find in the same areas as RCN is Xfinity, which usually offers pretty good deals for the speeds you get. It also offers a 200 Mbps plan for the same price as RCN, but if you need more speed than that, Xfinity becomes more expensive. Data effective 10/26/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Where can I get RCN Internet for no contract?

Read our RCN internet review to find out why we think it’s a great choice for no contracts and fast download speeds in big cities like Boston and Chicago. RCN’s service area is laser-focused on big metropolitan cities like Chicago, Boston, and Washington DC, and its no-contract internet plans have the flexibility and speed that most of us need.

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