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What are the symptoms of hypothalamic hamartoma?

What are the symptoms of hypothalamic hamartoma?

Symptoms of hypothalamic hamartoma may include:

  • Gelastic seizures (episodes of laughing with no apparent trigger)
  • Other types of seizures, including seizures with altered awareness, with stiffening of the limbs, or with shaking.
  • Problems with concentration, memory and learning.

Do hypothalamic hamartomas grow?

Hypothalamic hamartomas (HH) are rare, tumor-like malformations that occur during fetal development and are present at birth. They are non-progressive lesions and do not expand, spread or metastasize to other locations.

What cell is known to project to tuber Cinereum mainly?

Size ranges from 5 to 50 mm in diameter, but is usually between 10 and 30 mm in diameter. They primarily consist of neurons and glial cells.

What is a small HH?

Hypothalamic hamaratomas (HH) are rare, benign tumors found in the hypothalamus. HH is associated with seizures, early puberty, cognitive (for example thinking and memory) and mood or behavior problems. Mutations or changes in a gene called GL13 may be involved.

What is the function of the ventrolateral hypothalamus?

The ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus (VMH) is important in the regulation of female sexual behavior, feeding, energy balance, and cardiovascular function. It is a highly conserved nucleus across species and a good model for studying neuronal organization into nuclei.

Does epilepsy affect the hypothalamus?

Typically, they are brief, often just a few seconds in duration, but they occur frequently, with multiple daily events. The sessile or intrahypothalamic type, in which the hypothalamic hamartoma is enveloped by the hypothalamus, is most strongly associated with epilepsy.

What are hypothalamic hamartomas in tuber cinereum?

Hypothalamic hamartomas are rare non-neoplastic heterotopic nodules of the tuber cinereum, commonly presenting with gelastic seizures, central precocious puberty, and developmental delay (Diebler and Ponsot, 1983; Comite et al., 1984; Breningstall, 1985; Takeuchi and Handa, 1985; Valdueza et al., 1994 ).

What are the symptoms of hypothalamic hamartomas in children?

Both the type and severity of symptoms vary greatly among patients with hypothalamic hamartomas. Common symptoms include frequent gelastic seizures (spontaneous laughing, giggling and/or smirking) or dacrystic seizures (crying or grunting); developmental delays; and/or precocious puberty.

How is a hamartoma removed from the hypothalamus?

Seizures are managed by neurologists with anti-seizure medications. Surgery may also be indicated if medications are not able to control the seizures adequately. If it appears your child may benefit from surgery, neurosurgeons can disconnect the hamartoma from the hypothalamus using a minimally invasive technique known as laser ablation.

What kind of MRI is used for hypothalamic hamartoma?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized tomography (CT) scan to get visual images of the pituitary gland, brain and spinal cord Treatment for hypothalamic hamartoma Hypothalamic hamartoma treatment is tailored to the patient’s symptoms and the severity of the condition.

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