Is Ecobee thermostat any good?

Is Ecobee thermostat any good?

Ecobee SmartThermostat review: Verdict I like that it now has the full functionality of Alexa paired with a better speaker and that its remote sensor has a better range. I wish it had Google Assistant built in, though. The changes that Ecobee made to its latest smart thermostat aren’t radical, but they are welcome.

Does Ecobee have a monthly fee?

Unlike home security systems and cameras, this thermostat doesn’t require a paid subscription. You just hook it up to Ecobee’s residential app, and you’re good to go. It cost $2 per thermostat per month. Ultimately, if you don’t like your thermostat, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Which Ecobee thermostat is best?

Best ecobee Thermostats

  • ecobee4. Alexa-Enabled Thermostat with Sensor.
  • ecobee3 Lite. Thermostat, Wi-Fi, Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • Ecobee3. Thermostat with Sensor, Wi-Fi, 2nd Generation.
  • ecobee Smart Si. Thermostat 2 Heat-2 Cool with Full Color Non-Touch Screen.
  • ecobee. Smart Thermostat 4 Heat-2 Cool with Full Color Touch Screen.

Is ecobee going out of business?

The smart home startup has expanded to home security. Startup Ecobee, maker of app-enabled smart thermostats, is now a home security company, too. Today it announced two new products — a SmartCamera with voice control and SmartSensors for doors and windows.

How does Ecobee smart thermostat work?

Your ecobee Smart Thermostat uses different ‘Comfort settings’ that specify what temperatures to maintain while you are Home, Away, or Sleeping. They work in tandem with the ‘Schedule’ that you’ve defined to help it determine which Comfort setting it should be using at any given time throughout the day.

Does Ecobee thermostat have a camera?

Ecobee doesn’t currently have a camera in its lineup, but adding one could help it keep pace with Nest. According to Zatz, the camera could be used as a presence sensor for the company’s smart thermostat and could even include temperature and humidity sensors to provide the thermostat more accurate readings.

Can you use ecobee camera without subscription?

If you don’t pay for Ecobee’s Haven smart home service, which costs $5 per month ($10 per month if you want it for more than one camera), the Ecobee SmartCamera is strictly a live-view device. It won’t record video at all, it has no local storage, and you won’t receive motion-detection alerts without a subscription.

Do ecobee thermostats have cameras in them?

What is the best thermostat on the market?

The Best Smart Thermostat

  • Our pick. Google Nest Learning Thermostat. The best smart thermostat.
  • Runner-up. Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control. The most versatile smart thermostat.
  • Budget pick. Honeywell Home T5 Smart Thermostat. Cheaper smart control.
  • Our pick. Mysa Smart Thermostat. Best baseboard option.

Is Ecobee owned by Amazon?

Amazon is backing Ecobee, a smart thermostat company, just days after buying Ring. Energy Impact Partners and Amazon Alexa Fund are among the investors in a $62 million round of funding for Ecobee. The deal follows Amazon’s acquisition of Ring, a maker of smart-home-security devices.

Does Ecobee thermostat work without WiFi?

Without WiFi, you will not have any smart device functionality. Without Wifi, the Ecobee 3 will still function as a non-smart thermostat through physical access to the wall unit, but will only report the current home temperature and humidity information.

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