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What is CCA in DRRM?

What is CCA in DRRM?

FAO’s disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) and climate change adaptation (CCA) work in the country focuses on building the resilience of vulnerable farming and fishing communities to both natural and man-made disasters, and enhancing the Government’s capacity to address threats and respond to crises.

What are the 4 thematic areas of disaster management?

The NDRRMP covers four thematic areas, namely, (1) Disaster Prevention and Mitigation; (2) Disaster Preparedness; (3) Disaster Response; and (4) Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery, which correspond to the structure of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

What is EiE in DRRM?

act as the focal point for DepEd in planning, implementing, coordinating and monitoring of activities related to DRRM, Education in Emergencies (EiE) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA);

What is CCA in disaster risk reduction?

Disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) are two strategies that development workers in the country have been pursuing in response to the problems posed by disaster risks and climate change impacts.

What is the general role of NEDA in Drrm?

The National Economic and Devel- opment Authority (NEDA) is the Philip- pines’ highest socioeconomic planning and policy coordinating agency that spearheads the formulation of national and regional plans to spur inclusive growth. This project is deemed critical to main- streaming DRR in the regional plans and programs.

What is the general role of Ldrrmc in Drrm?

Serve as the secretariat and executive arm of the Local DRMM council (LDRRMC); Ensure the involvement of the most vulnerable sectors in risk assessment planning; Supervised and monitors the BDRRM fund utilization and implementation of BDRRM Programs, Projects and Activities (PPA’s);

What is the vision of Drrm framework?

The vision of the framework is “safer, adaptive and disaster-resilient Filipino communities towards sustainable development.” The framework (Figure 1) emphasizes that through time, resources invested in disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and climate change adaptation will be more effective towards attaining …

What are the 4 Drrm thrust?

The ongoing implementation of these pillars is aligned with DepEd’s commitment to the four thematic areas of the Philippine DRRM Act of 2010, otherwise known as RA 10121. These areas are Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Rehabilitation.

What is the legal basis of Drrm?

RA 10121 provides a strong legal and institutional basis for DRRM in the country and provided basis for the development of policies and plans, implementation of actions and measures pertaining to all aspects of DRRM, including good governance, risk assessment and early warning, knowledge building and awareness raising.

How does mainstreaming DRR and CCA helps realize sustainable development?

The mainstreaming of DRR and CCA to local development planning aims to reverse the vicious cycle of disasters and deter economic and environmental instability. Indeed, development planning helps local government units to systematically create enabling environment for sustainable development that meets people’s needs.

What is CCA in climate change?

CCA programs are activities which aim to make adjustments in natural and human systems in response to actual or expected climate change and their effects.

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