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How many types of British passports are there?

How many types of British passports are there?

British citizen, British Overseas citizen, British subject, British protected person and British National (Overseas) passports are issued by HM Passport Office in the UK.

Who is a British citizen by descent?

A British citizen by descent is a person born outside the UK and is acquired if one or both parents are British citizens. This means that you cannot automatically pass on British citizenship to any child who is born abroad.

What is a white British nationality?

White British is an ethnicity classification used in the 2011 United Kingdom Census. National identity is listed separately in NI, where 40% classified themselves as British, making up a significant portion of the population, along with those specifying their national identity as Irish).

Can I get a British passport by descent?

An application for British nationality can be made if you were born before 1 January 1983 to a mother who was born in the UK. In such situations, the relevant mother is considered as being British other than by descent and passes British citizenship to her children. You can apply for your British passport.

What is a citizen by descent?

South African Citizenship by Descent The following persons are South African citizens by descent: Persons born outside South Africa of whom one of his or her parents was a South African citizen at the time of his or her birth and whose births are registered.

Can I have 3 passports?

How Many Citizenships Can a Person Have? A person can have more than one citizenship, all depending on where they are from and what countries they obtain citizenship for. Americans are allowed to have dual citizenship, even though the U.S. legislation does not exactly encourage this status.

What are the different types of British citizenship?

These are: British citizenship British overseas territories citizen British overseas citizen British subject British national (overseas) British protected person

What does it mean to be British citizen by descent?

British citizenship by descent allows individuals who were not born in the UK to become British citizens on the basis of a parent’s, or in some cases grandparent’s, British status. What is British citizenship by decent?

What was the primary form of British nationality?

Prior to 1 January 1949, the primary form of British nationality was that of a British subject. British subject status was given to those born within the British Crown’s dominions and, broadly speaking, most British subjects will have become citizens of the UK and colonies or citizens of independent Commonwealth countries in 1949.

When did you become a citizen of the UK?

British citizenship. You automatically became a British citizen on 21 May 2002 if your British overseas territories citizenship was gained by connection with a qualifying territory.

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