What is provisioned space?

What is provisioned space?

Provisioned Space is the total size allocated to the VMs. Free Space is the space not used up by VMs yet. Therefore, with thin provisioning, you can over provision the amount of space to VMs based upon the Free Space at that time. A VM can be allocated 100GB but be only using 50GB.

What is provisioned space in datastore?

Provisioned space is something that comes into play when you thin provision your virtual machines. It shows you the amount of free space (space that hasn’t been used by a VM when it has grown), and also the amount of “provisioned” space. Ideally your provisioned number will be less then the total size of the datastore.

What is thin provisioning in storage?

Thin provisioning is a mechanism that applies to large-scale centralized computer disk-storage systems, SANs, and storage virtualization systems. Thin provisioning allows space to be easily allocated to servers, on a just-enough and just-in-time basis. Thin provisioning is called “sparse volumes” in some contexts.

How do I reduce provisioned space in VMware?

The only supported way to reduce the size of a disk by VMware is to use standalone converter and carry out a V2V and during the converter wizard you can specify the size of the disk. You will end up with a copy of the VM with the correct disk size and you can simply delete the original VM.

What is one benefit of thin provisioning when you set up storage spaces?

Thin provisioning uses disk space more efficiently than thick provisioning. It enables the squeezing of more users onto a particular volume of physical storage, while also avoiding excess capacity. Network administrators are then freed up from maintaining vast amounts of unused disk space.

Can you shrink a thick provisioned disk?

You can shrink it, but the VM must be shut down and transferred to another data store. When transferring, you can change the provisioning from thick to thin. Once that ‘s done, you can shrink the volume from within the disk manager in computer management.

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