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Is GCUF recognized by HEC?

Is GCUF recognized by HEC?

University Overview Officially recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Government College University, Faisalabad (GCUF) is a large (uniRank enrollment range: 20,000-24,999 students) coeducational Pakistani higher education institution.

What is the fee structure of GCUF?

BS / Undergraduate Degree programs by GCU, Faisalabad Fee Structure 2021 and Last Merit

Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year
BS – Chemistry Admission 4 Years 49000
B.TECH [HONS] – Civil Technology Admission 4 Years 95000
B.COM – Commerce Admission 2 Years 50000
BS – Commerce Admission 4 Years 69000

How do I join DMC in GCUF?

Degree / DMC / Result Card Verification process

  1. Click on Apply for Verification.
  2. Enter CNIC Number and Registration Number and basic information about your Degree / Result Card / DMC which to be verified.
  3. After filling the proforma carefully finalize the Application form.
  4. Print Fee Voucher and Verification Form.

What is the last date to apply in GCUF?

21st December , 2020
The date for the submission of Registration Returns / Forms alongwith prescribed fee/dues, has been extended upto 21st December , 2020 without fine for 1st semester/academic year 2020-2021 for Government / Private colleges.

What is the meaning of bench fee morning?

An area that often causes confusion is bench fees. These are payments made to the University for use of the facilities which may include the use of consumables within a lab.

What is the rank of GCUF?

Institution Name Government College University Faisalabad
Location Pakistan
World Rank 2000
National Rank 11
Quality of Education Rank

Is Fast University private or government?

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (Initials: NUCES) (Urdu: قومی جامعہ برائے کمپیوٹر و علومِ ظہوری سائنس‎), also commonly known as “Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology” (FAST), (Urdu: دانش گاہِ اساسی برائے ارتقائے سائنس و علومِ فنون‎) is a private research university with …

What is degree DMC?

Detailed Marks Certificate (DMC)/Transcript. Incomplete Transcript. Composite Transcripts.

Is GCUF private or government?

The Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) is a public university located in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

Which Universities Admissions are open in Faisalabad?

Admissions in Faisalabad

Title Date
University Of Agriculture Faisalabad Admissions August 15,2021
Agriculture University Faisalabad Admissions August 14,2021
Government College Women University Faisalabad Admissions August 14,2021
Government College Women University Faisalabad Admissions August 14,2021

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