Where is treasure map 11 in Skyrim?

Where is treasure map 11 in Skyrim?

Treasure Map II is found within the primary location Journeyman’s Nook which is a small snow-covered building inhabited by Bandits. Taking the path that leads southeast out of Winterhold will bring you within close vicinity of this location, which will be found to the left of the path in the snowy fields.

Where is the treasure for treasure map 3 in Skyrim?

the Solitude Lighthouse
Treasure Map III Treasure Location: follow the shoreline around to the northwest side of the Solitude Lighthouse, northeast of Solitude. The treasure chest is behind a rock on shore below the huge boulder that comes to a point at the top.

Where is the hidden treasure in Skyrim?

“Take the hidden treasure” PART III This treasure is slightly south of “Pelagia Farm” (which itself is slightly south of the city of Whiterun). Head there and follow the marker to a “hollowed-out rock” and inside you’ll find 2,000 Gold in there.

Where is treasure IV?

Start by facing the entrance to the windmill on Pelagia Farm. Move south, and start bearing to the right (west) slightly. As you go up the mountain keep turning to the west, you will be funneled into a path. The treasure chest is under some bushes at the top of a rise on this path, not far above the snowline.

Why are there hidden chests in Skyrim?

If you’re looking for a shortcut to powerful gear and riches, then finding Skyrim hidden chest locations will give you early access to all sorts of useful items. Each chest contains a random collection of weapons (some are enchanted), armour, soul gems, potion ingredients, and miscellaneous trading items.

Where is the treasure map VII in Skyrim?

Treasure Map VII Map Location: In a locked chest in Traitor’s Post. Treasure location: Under an overhanging rock in the “courtyard” of Gallows Rock, which is a Silver Hand fort located southwest of Windhelm and directly north of Fort Amol.

Where are the Dawnguard caches in Skyrim?

Dawnguard Caches are locked strongboxes located in various points around Skyrim. They contain various items ranging from potions, to apparel, to gold . The strongboxes do not appear in the game world until the orders that describe their locations are obtained and read.

Where do you find the map notes in Skyrim?

The following table lists the various map notes found within the game. Most maps provides hints of a location where a chest with valuable items can be found. The chest will not be available until you have picked up the corresponding treasure map.

How many locations can you find in Dawnguard?

Over 130 locations for Dawnguard with world maps of Soul Cairn and Forgotten Vale and you can fast travel in both areas. Over 80 locations for Dragonborn. Includes Gem Geodes.

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