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Which type of insulator is used for overhead lines?

Which type of insulator is used for overhead lines?

Most commonly used material for overhead line insulators is porcelain. But glass, steatite and some other special composite material may also be used sometimes.

What are overhead line insulators?

Overhead line insulators are used for transmission, distribution lines and electrical traction lines. Typical insulator types in this category are guy-strain insulators, pin type insulators, composite line post insulators, long-rod insulators for tension and suspension and glass suspension insulators.

Which type of insulator is used for overhead lines pin type suspension type strain type all of the above?

Shackle insulator cons

Insulator Voltage capacity Use
Pin insulator < 33 kV Distribution system
Post insulator 11 kV to 765 kV Substation system
Suspension insulator > 11 kV (High) Transmission system
Shackle insulator < 33 kV Distribution system

What is suspension type insulator?

Suspension type insulator includes one or more insulator parts connected together in series to form a string, and they are hanged to the cross arm of the tower or supporting structure and carry a power conductor at its lowest extremity. Also, we call this type of composite unit a string-type insulator.

How many classification of overhead lines insulators are there?

There are 5 types of insulators used in transmission lines as overhead insulation: Pin Insulator. Suspension Insulator. Strain Insulator.

How many classifications of overhead line insulators are there?

How many classifications of overhead line insulators are there? Explanation: There are basically 3 types of overhead line insulators. They are Pin type, Suspension type and Stray Insulator type.

How are suspension insulators used in overhead transmission lines?

A suspension insulator, which is also known as a strain insulator, is a type of insulator designed to protect the overhead power line. The insulating materials for this insulator comprise discs connected to each other by string-like metal links.

What kind of insulators are used in overhead power lines?

There are several types of overhead line insulators. Most commonly used types are Pin type insulators or pin insulators are popularly used in electric distribution systems up to 33 kV voltage level. They are secured on the cross arms of the pole to carry power lines.

What kind of insulator is a suspension insulator?

Suspension Insulator Just the same as the string insulator, a suspension insulator is a flexible insulator string that consists of some porcelain or glass disc insulators connected with each other by metal connections. It is widely used in medium and high voltages of transmission lines.

Where is the conductor in a suspension insulator string?

Line conductor is suspended at the bottom end of the suspension string which is secured to cross-arm of the tower. Each disc in a suspension insulator string is designed for a low voltage, say 11 kV. The number of discs in a string depends on the working voltage. Suspension insulators are preferred for transmission lines.

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