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Where is engrailed expressed in the Drosophila embryo?

Where is engrailed expressed in the Drosophila embryo?

engrailed is first expressed in early gastrulating embryos, three to four hours after fertilization. The first stripe is just posterior to the deep groove subdividing the head (cephalic furrow). Subsequently, 13 other stripes appear along the longitudinal axis of the embryo.

Where is engrailed expressed?

It is initially expressed in stages 8–11 of development in 14 isolated bands of cells along the embryo’s anterior–posterior axis. The cells expressing engrailed define the anterior-most region of each parasegment.

Is engrailed a maternal gene?

This early requirement for engrailed does not appear to be a maternal function, and only genetically engrailed embryos displayed these precel- lular phenotypes. Synthesis of a 2.7 kb poly(A)’ tran- script of the engrailed region was found in precellular embryos.

Why is there a striped pattern of Eve expression?

As gap domains refine, nuclei on the margins of the domain lose gap gene prod- uct, which decreases the amount of repression in those nuclei, allowing a stripe to form. eve, like the other pair-rule genes, exhibits a distinctive transient expression pattern.

What does engrailed do in Drosophila?

In Drosophila, the “engrailed” (en) gene plays an important role, determining segmentation during development and is required for the formation of posterior compartments.

Is engrailed a gap gene?

Segment polarity genes are expressed in the embryo following expression of the gap genes and pair-rule genes. The most commonly cited examples of these genes are engrailed and gooseberry in Drosophila melanogaster.

What kind of gene is engrailed?

segmentation gene
engrailed (en) is a segmentation gene expressed in a series of stripes throughout embryonic development. Here, I show that regulatory sequences for striped expression are present within the first intron of en. The 1-kb intron is able to confer striped expression early, but not late, in development.

Which gene products repress Eve 2 stripe formation?

The enhancer for eve stripe 2 (eve 2) is directly activated by the morphogens Bicoid (Bcd) and Hunchback (Hb). Since these proteins are distributed throughout the anterior half of the embryo, formation of a single stripe requires that enhancer activation is prevented in all nuclei anterior to the stripe 2 position.

How are the sharp boundaries of expression of eve stripe 2 formed?

How are the sharp boundaries of expression of eve stripe 2 formed? hunchback and bicoid are present and giant and Krüppel absent only in the region corresponding to stripe 2; therefore, eve expression is limited to this region.

Is giant a gap gene?

BIOLOGICAL OVERVIEW giant is a gap gene that codes for a transcriptional repressor. Early in development it is expressed in two broad stripes, belting the embryo rather like a bikini, leaving bare the central “midriff” as well as the anterior and posterior ends.

What is the function of gap gene?

The gap genes code for transcription factors which exert their function by forming short-range morphogenetic gradients; differential concentrations of these transcription factors can either act as activators or as repressors for the expression domains of neighboring genes.

What is eve stripe?

The stripe is the result of the combined activation of Bicoid and Hunchback, which define a broad activation domain in the anterior part of the embryo, and repressors Giant and Kruppel, which restrict expression anterior and posterior of this domain, respectively (4).

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