Who owns Faxitron?

Who owns Faxitron?

Faxitron, a US digital specimen radiography firm that Murtagh Snr owned through a number of Irish investment vehicles, sold to Nasdaq-listed women’s health firm Hologic for about €75m last July. There is about €45m of assets in other companies. There is also an investment in a US probiotic supplements maker.

What does a Faxitron do?

The Faxitron OR provides accurate measurements and geometric magnification at any specimen level. Instantly receive confirmation of a successful surgical excision or biopsy procedure.

What is Faxitron imaging?

Pre-Clinical Imaging Small animal models are commonly used to study conditions from metastatic cancer to obesity and osteoporosis. Hologic’s Faxitron cabinet x-ray systems allow scientists and researchers to screen, track, and evaluate disease and structural changes in longitudinal studies.

How much is a Faxitron?

We have already done the research for you, and the average cost of FAXITRON medical devices is currently $ 1,787.

Who are Hologic competitors?

Hologic competitors include Alere, Inscopix and CureMetrix.

Where are Hologic products manufactured?

One of the company’s primary manufacturing facilities is located in Danbury, Connecticut and employs a team of 325 people, focused on developing state-of-the-art digital imaging technology for mammography applications.

What is specimen radiography?

An x-ray of tissue–usually from the breast, obtained from surgery, which helps identify lesions seen by mammography.

Is Hologic a good company to work for?

Hologic is a great place to work! There is a theme of inclusion and family-friendliness. My manager always made time to keep me updated on new processes and I worked with really supportive colleagues willing to teach new techniques.

Who owns Hologic Inc?


Satellite office in Santa Clara, California
Key people Stephen P. MacMillan (Chairman, President, CEO) Karleen Marie Oberton (CFO) Jay A. Stein (Chairman-Emeritus, CTO, SVP)
Revenue $ 3,776 Million (2020)
Number of employees 6,478 (2019)

Who is the CEO of Hologic?

Stephen P. MacMillan (Dec 9, 2013–)
Stephen P. MacMillan, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Steve MacMillan joined Hologic in December 2013 as President and CEO, and has led a dramatic turnaround at the Company. He was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors in June 2015.

What is a mammo specimen?

Abstract Standard specimen mammography (SSM) is performed in the radiology department after wire-localized excision of non-palpable breast lesions to confirm the presence of the target and evaluate margins.

Is specimen mammography beneficial?

Specimen mammography prolongs surgical procedures and adds surgical, radiological, and pathological expenses to the cost of IG-NL breast biopsy. Specimen mammography is not a perfect test and has been shown to be incorrect (false-positive and false-negative results) in as many as 44% of cases.

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