Are Suntour XCR forks air?

Are Suntour XCR forks air?

The XCR 32 LO R AIR is SR SUNTOUR’s first offering of an air sprung fork in our XC category of suspension forks. It features externally adjustable rebound, and air spring for a more precise set up and a hydraulic lockout that can be used on the fly.

Who makes SunTour forks?

Mori Industries Inc.
SR-SunTour (with manufacturing plants in Taiwan) bought Sakae Ringyo Company. In 1988 the SunTour name was purchased and revived by Sakae Ringyo Company, (now owned by Mori Industries Inc.) with a capital investment of 45,000,000 NT$ in Tokyo, Japan, thus becoming SR-SunTour.

Is SunTour XCM good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Budget fork offering good quality, just don’t expect Rox Shocks and you’ll be satisfied. Great product at a budget price. I wasn’t expecting a top end fork at this price however I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and ride that this fork has.

Is SunTour XCR air or coil?

A suspension fork that offers magnesium lowers, nickel plated stanchions and options for air or coil springs. Intended for XC mountain cycling.

Is SunTour a good fork brand?

The higher-level Suntour forks and shocks are very good. Don’t judge them by the bottom budget forks.

Does Shimano own Fox?

The $30.2 million deal turns Fox into a more complete supplier of bike parts to complement its expertise in suspension. Shimano’s introduction of its one-by system and the new Fox 36 all-mountain fork could shake up that landscape, but we won’t see that until model year 2016 bikes come out.

What’s the difference between a Suntour and Rock Shox?

Suntour on the other hand has been known to make really cheap stuff that are well… crap. They’re also Taiwanese whereas Rock Shox is American. The XC range is the lowest of the Rock Shox range. The XC 30 is a coil sprung fork that weights in at about 2200grams. 2 kilos in mountain bike terms is nothing short of “heavy as hell”.

Which is better Raidon Raidon or Suntour XCR?

The XCR has 1 plastic bushing and 1 metal per side. RS has 2 metal. So it’ll last longer as far as sloppiness goes. The Raidon has 2 metal bushings. The Suntours have a sealed damper so they need less maintenance. The XCR has 1 plastic bushing and 1 metal per side. RS has 2 metal. So it’ll last longer as far as sloppiness goes.

Which is the lowest of the SunTour Forks?

The XCR is not the lowest of all the Suntour forks, they also have the XCM and the XCT. But I’m not going to be nitpicky about this, cos the lines between all of these three models are rather blurred.

How much does a RockShox recon RL fork cost?

For example a Rockshox Recon RL (entry level 100mm fork) would already be a huge upgrade and cost “only” 200-300$ brand new. Check if you can get one with air spring and rebound setting. Make sure the new fork has (about) the same travel (eg. 100mm), same wheel spacing and wheel mount (though axle or quick release).

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