Did Hayley Cropper have a son?

Did Hayley Cropper have a son?

Following the death of her aunt Monica in September 2007, Hayley discovers she has a son, Christian Gatley (Andrew Turner).

Who is Hayley Cropper married to?

Ian Kershaw
Hayley has been married to scriptwriter Ian Kershaw for 16 years and the couple share two grown-up daughters.

Did Roy sleep with Tracey?

To make sure they had parental rights to the child Roy was forced to marry Tracy. It was later revealed that Steve was baby Patience’s father, she had never slept with Roy and Tracy wanted her daughter back. The baby was returned to Tracy, renamed Amy and Roy and Tracy’s marriage was subsequently annulled.

What age is Julie hesmondhalgh?

51 years (February 25, 1970)
Julie Hesmondhalgh/Age

What is Hayley Cropper’s real name?

Julie HesmondhalghCoronation Street
Hayley Cropper/Played by

Julie Claire Hesmondhalgh (born 25 February 1970) is an English actress, known for her role as Hayley Cropper in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street between 1998 and 2014. For this role, she won Best Serial Drama Performance at the 2014 National Television Awards and Best Actress at the 2014 British Soap Awards.

What did Hayley Cropper drink?

On January 20 2014 she told Roy that today was the day she wanted to die. She then ironed Roy’s shirt for her funeral. That evening Hayley drank a cocktail of drugs that would end her life, with Roy by her side.

Does Roy Cropper have autism?

However, Neilson felt compelled to reinvent Roy as a sympathetic character, socially inept, rather than menacing. His pestering of neighbour Deirdre Rachid and his unusual behaviour could be explained by Asperger syndrome—a disorder which Neilson has since attempted to portray in the character.

Who did Roy Cropper have a baby with?

Roy and Hayley convinced Tracy to have the baby by offering her £20,000 in return for full custody after the birth. The agreement was soon in place, but Roy and Hayley felt the arrangement was unstable as there was nothing to stop Tracy disappearing with the cash and the baby.

What is Julie hesmondhalgh doing now?

Julie is currently working on BBC Cymru Wales drama The Pact which is due to air in the Spring.

Who is Ian Kershaw married to?

Julie Hesmondhalghm. 2005
Ian Kershaw/Spouse

Did Roy and Hayley adopt fizz?

2001: Hayley and Roy are introduced to their new foster child, Fiz Brown In January 2001, the Croppers were accepted as foster parents and received their first foster child: Jackie Mosley, who stayed for two weeks while her mother was in hospital.

Who works in Roy’s Rolls?

The following year Roy and his late wife Hayley moving to the current premises on Victoria Street and Roy now runs the cafe with Alex Warner, Shona Ramsey and Yasmeen Nazir. Former cafe workers include Anna Windass, Becky McDonald, Cathy Matthews, Fiz Brown, Kylie Platt and Roy’s fearsome mother Sylvia.

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