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Who are the New Guardians of the Green Lantern?

Who are the New Guardians of the Green Lantern?

Green Lantern: New Guardians is an American comic book series originally written by Tony Bedard with art by Tyler Kirkham and Batt and published by DC Comics . The team consists of representatives of each of the Corps that tap into a particular portion of the emotional spectrum.

Who are the members of the Green Lantern Corps?

Its original members were Kyle Rayner ( Green Lantern Corps ), Arkillo ( Sinestro Corps ), Bleez ( Red Lantern Corps ), Glomulus ( Orange Lantern Corps ), Munk ( Indigo Tribe ), Saint Walker ( Blue Lantern Corps) and Fatality ( Star Sapphires ).

When did Sinestro join the Green Lantern team?

Larfleeze was added to the group from August 2013 to June 2014, and Sinestro was added in April 2014. The series crossed over with Blue Beetle (vol. 9) #9 in May 2012, and was part of the “Rise of the Third Army” storyline running through the Green Lantern titles from October 2012 to January 2013.

How did Kyle turn into the Yellow Lantern?

Kyle is able to harness the yellow light of fear when he admits that he is always scared and transforms into a Yellow Lantern. Once Carol arrives, Kyle reverts into a Green Lantern and the duo head to Okaara, with Arkillo joining them so that he may kill Sinestro and become the greatest fear Lantern of all.

Amongst the foes brought before the New Guardians was The Spectre which forced Hal Jordan to free the Parallax Entity from imprisonment within a Green Lantern Power Battery. After being possessed by it, Jordan battled the Spectre and destroyed the Black Lantern possessing the Spirit of Vengeance.

Who are the New Guardians of the universe?

The New Guardians are a team connected to the Green Lantern Corps mythos, named as successors to the Guardians of the Universe. The original version of the team was created during Millennium.

What are the names of the Green Lantern Corps?

Among them included the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps, Blue Lantern Corps, Star Sapphires, Red Lantern Corps, Orange Lantern Corps and the Indigo Tribe. Each of these wielded one of the different lights of the Emotional Spectrum namely Willpower, Fear, Hope, Love, Rage, Avarice and Compassion.

What was the mission of the New Guardians?

In payment, the Red Lantern gave the Czarnian a Red Lantern Power Ring and Atrocitus helped reform the New Guardians who’s new mission was to protect their Corps respective Entities as well as to stop the Embodiments of the Emotional Spectrum from inflicting harm on the Earth.

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