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What is an Opticon scanner?

What is an Opticon scanner?

Opticon Handheld Scanners Since 1976 we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing world-class 1D and 2D handheld scanners. By implementing our scan engines into compact portable devices, we created the line of companion scanners, wireless scanners, and cabled scanners.

How do I use my Opticon barcode scanner?

Using this scanner is straightforward – scan a barcode and it will be stored automatically. When you make a mistake, the lower button allows you to re-scan the barcode in order to remove the item from memory. The device is equipped with a standard USB port which is also used to charge the internal battery.

What is Opticon?

Definition of opticon (Entry 1 of 2) : an external enlargement of the optic lobe of the insect brain that is the innermost of the ganglionic masses connected with the compound eye.

How do I reset my Opticon scanner?

To perform a reset, hold down both buttons (clear/function and scan) for 30-40 seconds. This will reset the device and clear past pairing information.

How do I pair my Opticon scanner?

Turn on your Opticon scanner by pressing the small button at the top of the scanner for five seconds. The scanner will now automatically reconnect to the Entagged and do a high single beep once it’s connected. 3. Scan a code by pressing the big button at the top of the scanner.

How do I upload an Opticon scanner?

To scan barcodes simple press the large button on the scanner. Position the scanner so that the red line pases through the barcode. The scanner will beep to indicate a successful scan. When you are ready to upload scans into Readerware, plug in the scanner with the supplied USB cable.

What does Eyoyo scanner do?

Scan and store barcode when far away from the receiver of your device, and then update the data to your device when you come back. 【Long Working Time & Fast Scanning Speed】: Built-in 1600mAh Battery, it can support 9 hours Continuous scanning and 2 months standby after 4hours full charge.

When did Opticon start making barcode scanners?

Since 1976 Opticon has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing world-class 1D and 2D barcode scanning solutions. Throughout 44 years, Opticon has maintained industry leadership and customer loyalty through innovative technologic advancements and a rich product line.

Which is the best scanner in Opticon range?

The M-10 is a unique product in Opticon’s range. The M-10 is the best presentation scanner that we offer, combining a powerful 2D CMOS Imager with a stylish design and omni-directional capabilities. The scanner can be triggered manually or automatically, scanning at a maximum speed of 60 fps.

Which is the best application for an Opticon?

Opticon offers solutions for a wide array of markets. For an overview of the most suitable Opticon products and applications select one of the applications from the overview on the left side or download a case study and see what Opticon can do in your branch.

How long has Opticon been a business partner?

A pleasure to deal with, every time! Partnering with Opticon for over 20 years, proving to be a reliable business partner. Opticon has a wide range of top quality products to complement many of our solutions.

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