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How do I know when my library book is due?

How do I know when my library book is due?

Click on your name at the top right hand corner and then My Library Account. You will be able to see your loans, due dates, and any requests and fines you have. You will also receive a monthly email about the status of your account.

Is Croydon library open during lockdown?

Visiting Croydon Libraries All our libraries are now open with revised opening times for visitors to browse at their leisure, pre-book computers and study areas, and enjoy the spaces.

Can you take library books back to any library UK?

You can also return your books at any library.

How do I join Bromley library?

Anyone can join the library. All you need is current proof of identity – and it’s free. You can join online using the button below or at your local library. Check the list of acceptable proofs of identity and take your ID along to join or just drop in and see what we have to offer.

What time does the Bexley library open?

9.30am to 5.30pm
The library will operate a self-service basis on Saturdays (a member of staff will be on hand to help you use our facilities if you require any assistance). View the Crayford Post Office page….Libraries.

Day Time
Thursday 9.30am to 5.30pm
Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm
Saturday Self-service 9.30am to 5pm
Sunday Closed

Is borrowing books from the library free?

You can borrow books, audiobooks and even kids’ books, all without spending a penny. Hoopla Digital offers a wide assortment of ebooks you can borrow free of charge — provided your library is connected to the service.

Are Bromley libraries open yet?

Bromley library buildings are open from 9.30am on normal library open days. You can access our online library services with the Library Without Walls. Check out the online resources page to find out how to browse and borrow eBooks, eAudiobooks, eNewspapers, and eMagazines.

How many libraries are in Bromley?

14 libraries
Bromley Borough contains 14 libraries, not including the home libraries service: Bromley Central Library (also known as simply “Bromley” Library)

How can I Reserve books at Croydon Library?

Use the online catalogue to search and reserve books, CDs, videos, talking books and DVDs at Croydon’s libraries. If you want to know what newspapers and magazines a library has, contact the library directly. You can activate your account and receive your password by taking your membership card to any Croydon library.

Is there wheelchair access to the Croydon Library?

There is wheelchair/pram access around library. Two Catalogues are on high benches with another on a low bench for accessibility. Croydon Library recently celebrated 40 years of operation in the community. The library has a wall of windows overlooking the small lake and many people visit the library to sit, read and admire the view.

Is the Croydon Library part of Rural Libraries Queensland?

Croydon Library The Croydon Library is part of Rural Libraries Queensland. Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ) is a partnership between the State Library and local governments in Queensland.

Do you have to renew books after due date?

There is no charge for renewing books, however, if you renew an item after its due date you must pay overdue charges. If you return a video, DVD, talking tape or CD after its due date, you must pay another hire charge. If you can find an item on the library catalogue, you can reserve it online.

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