What is the standard size of exhaust fan?

What is the standard size of exhaust fan?

HAVELLS Standard Refresh Air- DX 200 200 mm 5 Blade Exhaust Fan (Black, Pack of 1)

Box Height 29 cm
Box Length 18.5 cm
Box Width 28 cm
Weight 4 kg

Do exhaust fans come in different sizes?

When sizing a vent fan, a factor to consider is duct size and length. Most 50 CFM fans will run well with 4-inch round duct. But as you get up into the higher CFM fans, duct size will have to be increased to 5- or 6-inch round duct.

How are exhaust fans measured?

Measure the length times the width times the height of your bathroom. Divide that number by 60, which is the number of minutes in an hour. Then multiply that number by eight, which is the suggested number of air exchanges that you should have in your bathroom each and every hour.

What does 5 Sones sound like?

One sone is equal to about 1,000 Hz with a sound level about 40 decibels above a normal reference level. In other words, a sound that delivers over four sones is about four times louder than the normal reference level….Defining the Sones Rating.

Sones Decibels
5 51.21
6 53.83
7 56.06
8 57.98

Can A cata exhaust fan be installed in a bathroom?

B 10 Extractor fans for bathrooms with short tube to be installed in ceiling, wall or window with window kit. Removable Screw less front for easy cleaning Easy screw less Wall, ceiling or window mounted household fans “Maximum safety” 12 volt version

Is the CATA X Mart 12 Matic fan adjustable?

The MATIC version should have an adjustable timer that runs the fan for a time after switching it off. However the one I was sent did not, and was the ordinary, non MATIC, version. Therefore had to be sent back. So beware. [ASIN:B00FISDMZE CATA X-MART 12 MATIC – household fans (White, 20 W, 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 17 cm, 13.900 cm, 17 cm].

Where can I buy exhaust fans in India?

Thinking of the issues raised by the modern day house keepers, CATA India work on the detailing, research and development of the appliances which are out for sale online such as exhaust fans online. This gives you an opportunity to have an idea of what kind of fans you need for your place.

What kind of exhaust fans do you need?

This gives you an opportunity to have an idea of what kind of fans you need for your place. The variety includes exhaust fan, kitchen exhaust fan, bathroom exhaust fan and many more. Each of our steps is dedicated towards the development of appliances that help you in proper ventilation and thus maintaining proper hygiene.

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