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What is the opposite of a conservative approach?

What is the opposite of a conservative approach?

Senior Member Depending on the context, you can use optimistic estimate , pessimistic estimate, precise estimate, realistic estimate, and reasonable estimate.

Which is the closest antonym for the word conservative?

antonyms for conservative

  • unfixed.
  • wavering.
  • weak.
  • incautious.
  • left-wing.
  • liberal.
  • progressive.
  • radical.

What is the opposite of a conservative estimate?

What is the opposite of conservative estimate?

exaggerated estimate highball estimate
high estimate overestimate

What is conservative approach?

Conservative approach is a risk-free strategy of working capital financing. The major part of the working capital is financed by the long-term sources of funds such as equity, debentures, term loans etc. So, the risk associated with short-term financing is abolished to a great extent.

What is the opposite of forfeit?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for forfeit. keep, retain, withhold.

What is the adjective of familiarity?

Word family (noun) familiarity ≠ unfamiliarity family familiarization (adjective) familiar ≠ unfamiliar familial (verb) familiarize (adverb) familiarly.

What does a conservative approach mean?

adj. 1 favouring the preservation of established customs, values, etc., and opposing innovation. 2 of, characteristic of, or relating to conservatism. 3 tending to be moderate or cautious.

What is the opposite of a Tory?

Opposite of supporting or relating to the political views or policies of the right. changeable. inconstant. unfixed. unstable.

What is the opposite of conservatism?

The opposite of conservatism, which cherishes practices that experience has shown to work in the past, is progressivism , which looks to the future. The opposite of liberalism is not conservatism but totalitarianism, the elevation of state power at the expense of human rights.

What is the opposite of conservatively?

Antonyms for conservatively include loudly, ostentatiously, splashily, swankily, flamboyantly, flashily, glitzily, garishly, gaudily and noisily. Find more opposite

What is the opposite of conservative estimate?

I’m looking at this expression, and found, according the text that i will quote, that the opposite of “conservative estimate” is “liberal estimate”. It’s up to you judge. A conservative estimate is one that is cautious to avoid excess in approximating the quantity, degree, or worth of something.

What is the adjective for conservative?

conservative. Contexts . . Adjective. Averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values. (politics) Favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas. Cautiously low in amount or degree. Restrained and unpretentious in nature or appearance. Using, exercising or showing caution.

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