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Can I stay at Hyderabad airport overnight?

Can I stay at Hyderabad airport overnight?

At Airport Airport Lodge – Located at the Public Transportation Centre area of the airport, the Airport Lodge offers dormitory-style lodging and private rooms, exclusive rooms for ladies (on request), shower facilities (r. 100 / 30 minutes), luggage storage, cafeteria, and 24-hour security. Dorms have lockers.

Can we take bath in Hyderabad airport?

Plaza Premium offers passengers with Nap & Shower facility at the Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International airport, which provides a comfortable place for passengers to relax before or after a flight. The Lounge is located opposite the car park and below the airport village area.

Are visitors allowed in airport Hyderabad?

We have a Visitors gallery at the International Departure hall for visitors and a designated area (Airport Village) outside the arrival hall. Is it possible to drop off and pick up someone in front of a terminal? Yes. Vehicles are permitted to pull up kerbside, but ONLY for picking up or dropping off passengers.

How many aerobridges are there in Hyderabad airport?

10 aero bridges
The airport has 57 parking bays 47 remote parking bays and 10 aero bridges. In January 2019 the GHAIL added another 26 parking bays which takes a total of 83 parking bays.

Can I use lounge on arrival in Hyderabad?

This 24-hour landside lounge accepts all travellers, regardless of your airline or flight class, so economy class travellers are welcome. To gain entry, use your lounge membership program or pay at the door.

Can I print baggage tag at Hyderabad Airport?

Domestic flyers at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad can now self check-in their baggage using the Self Bag Drop(SBD) service. Passengers can print out their boarding cards and baggage tags from any of the Self Check-in Kiosks and proceed to drop their baggage at the Self Bag Drop facility.

Is WIFI available in Hyderabad airport?

1) Enable Wi-Fi on your device and search for available Wi-Fi networks. 2) Select Free Airport Wi-Fi | Tata DOCOMO or Tata DOCOMO Wi-Fi from the list of networks available. 3) Open your web browser and type any URL to access internet. 6) Enjoy free Internet for the first 45 Minutes.

Which cards are accepted at Hyderabad airport lounge?

Accessing the Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Complimentary access can be obtained with certain Priority Pass, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa cards. When space is available, this lounge accepts guests at the door.

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