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How much does it cost to fly a pet in cargo?

How much does it cost to fly a pet in cargo?

Example Estimate: Flying one small dog (like a Chihuahua) domestically via cargo with a pet-friendly airline, will likely cost between $275 USD to $300 USD. Larger dogs’ airfreight (like a Great Dane) can go up to around $1000 USD for a domestic move, especially if you have a custom kennel.

Does KLM allow dogs in cargo?

Pets Allowed Domestic pets and other animals will be transported via Air KLM Air Cargo. Both KLM and Martinair will no longer accept reptiles or amphibians as cargo to/from or via Amsterdam.

How much does it cost to fly a pet over?

While some airlines allow pets to travel free as part of a checked baggage allowance, others charge specific fees per sector and container, which can be anywhere from $50 to over $100 domestically and may be higher internationally.

Can I travel with my pet in business class?

Most airlines allow their passengers to travel with a small dog or a cat in a business class cabin as long as the pet and its carrier meets the airline’s cabin allowance requirements. Passengers who travel with pets need to make their flight reservation 48 hours before the departure at the latest.

How much does it cost to take a dog on a KLM Flight?

Travelling via Amsterdam with a layover For all KLM connection flights with pets flying in the hold and a layover at Amsterdam Airport of more than 2 hours, your cat or dog will be transported to the Amsterdam Airport Pet Hotel. A flat rate of €150 is charged for this service. KLM Pet Policy Booking Process

How does Air France KLM transport live animals?

At Air France KLM Cargo, the freight transportation of live animals require the assistance of a freight forwarder with specific competence in this kind of transportation. If you need any species-specific information, please contact our commercial team.

Are there any baggage fees on KLM flights?

Baggage fees Free baggage allowance Economy Class on intercontinental flight 1 item of check-in baggage, each max. 23 Business Class 2 items of check-in baggage, each max. 3

What are the general conditions of carriage of KLM Cargo?

The general conditions of carriage of KLM Cargo apply if your shipment is carried by KLM Cargo or Martinair Cargo, because Martinair uses the KLM air waybill. These conditions can be viewed on this website or obtained from any AF-KL-Martinair Cargo office near you.

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