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Where was the movie The Air Up There filmed?

Where was the movie The Air Up There filmed?

Stars Kevin Bacon (Jimmy Dolan), Charles Gitonga Maina (Saleh), Yolanda Vazquez (Sister Susan), Winston Ntshona (Urudu). The filmmakers utilized the Samburu tribe of Northern Kenya, but transported them to the primary location in Hoedspruit, South Africa for the filming. Other filming took place in Canada and Kenya.

How tall is Charles Gitonga Maina?

6 foot 8 inches
Maina, at 6 foot 8 inches, looks like any basketball-crazed youth on an American playground. Only his lilting, African-accented English — and his casual attitude about basketball — mark him as Kenyan. “In Kenya, basketball is not a big deal,” he explained.

How much is Maina Kageni salary?

Kageni is said to presently take home an estimated salary of close to Sh800,000 each month. Besides his salary, the Classic 105 FM presenter, who hosts his show alongside comedian Daniel Ndambuki (aka Mwalimu King’ang’i) earns more from bonuses and commissions on advertisements he generates for the company.

How did Kevin Bacon lose $100 million?

Although the actor claimed he just had sex to get over it, the estimated loss incurred by them came around to a solid $100 million. Bacon and Sedgwick have a joint net worth of an estimated $90 million after their giant loss due to Madoff’s scheme that conned investors out of billions.

How tall is Kevin Bacon in feet?

5′ 10″
Kevin Bacon/Height

Who are the characters in the air up there?

1 Kevin Bacon as Jimmy Dolan, a college basketball coach 2 Charles Gitonga Maina as Saleh, a basketball player from a village in Kenya 3 Yolanda Vazquez as Sister Susan 4 Winston Ntshona as Urudu 5 Mabutho ‘Kid’ Sithole as Nyaga 6 Sean McCann as Ray Fox 7 Dennis Patrick as Father O’Hara 8 Nigel Miguel as Halawi

Who is the chief in the air up there?

But Saleh is the chief’s son and has responsibilities at home, since the tribe’s land is threatened by a mining company with its own hotshot basketball team. Written by Reid Gagle Jimmy Dolan went to recruit a new player. What he found was a whole new ballgame. Did You Know?

Who is Jimmy Dolan in the air up there?

Jimmy Dolan is a college basketball assistant coach who wants to find a new star for his team since he believes this will get him a promotion to head coach at the school. He sees a home video of a prospect named Saleh and travels to Africa to recruit him.

What was the score in the air up there?

In the basketball game between Winabi and Mingori, Mingori scores and makes it 6-14. We see a person change Mingoris score from 12 to 14. The next time we see the score, it is still 6-12. See more »

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